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Joan Crawford Films 1940s


"I need sex for a clear complexion, but I'd rather do it for love." - Joan Crawford

Joan Crawford Films from the 1940's

The beginning of the 1940s proved to be one of Joan Crawford's most challenging years at her "home," MGM. Joan made her most diverse films in the early forties such as, "Strange Cargo," "Susan and God" and "A Woman's Face." All three of these films showed Joan taking risks and challenging herself to diverse roles that were removed form the cookie cutter love triangle, society girl and shop girl roles that had become her trademark in the 1930s. Even though Joan took on new roles and succeed, it still was not enough or MGM to believe in Joan and give her roles in films that showcased her talents. It was a mutual decision for Joan and MGM to part ways after several less than stellar scripts. In 1942, Joan was in talks with another studio, Warner Brothers, and signed a contract with them in the summer of 1943. The move was risky but it proved to be worth it after her first picture for Warner's, "Mildred Pierce" became not only a huge hit but earned Joan with an Oscar for Best Actress of 1945. Joan revitalized her career and continued to make strong pictures for Warner's including, "Humoresque," Flamingo Road," "Humoresque" and "Possessed" (1947) which earned her a second Academy Award nomination. Below is Joan Crawford's amazing body of work from the 1940s. Grab a cup of tea, turn the lights down low and enjoy your journey through the Joan Crawford films of the 1940s!

The Films of the 1940's
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Strange Cargo (1940)


Julie (Joan) is the love interest of Andre Verne (Clark Gable), a prisoner sentenced to life in a tough penal colony in Guyana. When Andre (Clark Gable) is befriended by the secretive Cambreau (Ian Hunter), he offers to pay for Andre's (Clark Gable) passage if he cares to make the break with the other prisoners planning an escape. Of course, it takes no convincing for him to agree to join the group and they all successfully avoid the preoccupied prison guards, escaping to freedom in a small boat.

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Strange Cargo

Susan and God (1940)


Susan Trexal (Joan) has just come back from a European vacation with more than a few souvenirs and holiday snap shots, she's undergone a religious transformation. She's found God. Neglecting her husband Barrie (Fredric March) and daughter Blossom (Rita Quigley) for her new found religion, she is unaware that all her family really want is a wife and mother. After alienating her friends and neglecting her now alcoholic husband and insecure daughter in favor of her religion, it's not until Charlotte's (Ruth Hussey) unselfish act of love that Susan (Joan) finally realizes what she really has in front of her - A family.


A Woman's Face (1941)


In Stockholm, Sweden, as Anna Holm (Joan) enters a courtroom waiting for her murder trial to begin, witnesses are sworn in. The first witness, Herman Rundvik (Donald Meek), relates the following testimony: Late one night, at a rural tavern, aristocrat Torsten Barring (Conrad Veidt) hosts a party that includes Vera (Osa Massen), the faithless wife of noted plastic surgeon Dr. Gustav Segert (Melvyn Douglas). When the tavern will no longer extend Torsten credit, he charms Anna Holm, the badly scarred proprietress, into signing his check. Bernard Dalvik (Reginald Owen) then testifies that he, Anna and Rundvik made most of their money from blackmail.

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A Woman's Face

When Ladies Meet (1941)


At a New York literary reception given by flighty Bridget 'Bridgie' Drake (Spring Byington), journalist Jimmy Lee (Robert Taylor), who has been working in California for some time, proposes to novelist Mary Howard (Joan), unaware that during his absence, Mary has fallen in love with another man. Her friends have not seen much of Mary lately, and Jimmy notices that she seems more serious and dedicated to her work. When her new publisher, the sophisticated, intellectual Rogers Woodruf (Herbert Marshall) shows up, Jimmy knows that he has met his rival.


They All Kissed the Bride (1942)


Margaret J. Drew (Joan), known as "M. J." by her intimidated employees, has taken over command of the vast Drew financial empire from her late father. When reporter Michael Holmes (Melvyn Douglas) begins to publish exposes about Drew's tyrannical employment practices, the imperious M. J. demands that he be investigated. Mike, who has gleaned his information from his friend, Drew driver Johnny Johnson (Allen Jenkins), is driving with Johnny one day when they see a woman whose car has broken down along the road. When Johnny pulls over to help the woman, she identifies herself as a Drew spotter and cites him for carrying a passenger and stopping his vehicle.

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They All Kissed the Bride

Reunion In France (1942)


In the summer of 1939, Parisian socialite Michele de la Becque (Joan) tries to encourage her lover, automotive designer Robert Cortot (Philip Dorn), to come with her to the South of France, but Robert refuses because of the war. The self-centered Michele does not understand and frivolously goes to her favorite couturier, Mme. Montanot, for a new wardrobe. As Michele leaves for her holiday, Robert tries to tell her how important France is to him and to make her understand what the war means, but she dismisses his words. Soon German forces cross France's seemingly impenetrable Maginot Line and Paris is occupied by the Nazis.


Above Suspicion (1943)


Fred McMurray and Joan play honeymooners in pre WWII Europe who are asked to pose as British spies in order to track down a missing agent. Excited by their new roles, the initial fun soon wears off when real danger presents itself in the heart of Germany. In spring 1939, American-born Oxford professor Richard Myles (McMurray) and his American bride Frances (Crawford) begin their honeymoon at an English roadside inn, registering under the names Mr. and Mrs. Edward Smith. Their first night together is interrupted by the unexpected arrival of Peter Galt, a former classmate of Richard's, now employed by the Foreign Office.


Hollywood Canteen (1944)


An all star cast turn out to support the war effort, and just happen to star in a film, (as themselves), at the same time. Two soldiers on sick leave spend three nights at the Hollywood Canteen before going back to active duty. Slim (Robert Hutton) is the lucky one millionth soldier to enter the canteen, his prize? A date with his dream girl, Joan Leslie. Slim's (Robert Hutton) buddy Sergant (Dane Clark) dances with Joan Crawford and Canteen President Bette Davis praises the canteen for it's part in the war effort. A pleasant enough documentary type film all rolled into one. If for no other reason, it's fun to play spot the star!

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Hollywood Canteen

Mildred Pierce (1945)


Told in flashbacks, Mildred Pierce starts with gun shots at a beach house and the appearance of a victim in a body bag. It is only through Mildred's (Joan) interrogation at Police Headquarters that we begin to understand what really happened. The story centers around doting mother, Mildred Pierce (Joan) and her eldest daughter, Veda (Ann Blyth). A bratty teenager who gets what she wants, when she wants it, it's clear that Mildred (Joan) will stop at nothing to appease her every whim. However, Mildred's (Joan) seemingly perfect world is shattered when she finds out her husband, Bert (Bruce Bennett) is having an affair with a neighborhood woman, Mrs. Biederhof (Lee Patrick).

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Mildred Pierce

Humoresque (1946)


A tragic love story and one of Joan's best dramatic performances, perhaps inspired by her win of the Best Actress Oscar for "Mildred Pierce" in the midst of the production. Helen Wright (Joan) plays a troubled society woman in a loveless but open marriage. Upon meeting gifted violinist, Paul Boray (John Garfield), her initial fascination with him stems from the fact that he shows no interest in her. With the excuse of nurturing his talent, she offers to sponsor him, introducing him to the right people and pushing his talent as a violinist to its peak.

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Possessed (1947)


After deeply disturbed Louise Howell (Joan) is brought to the psychiatric ward of a hospital, Dr. Harvey Willard (Stanley Ridges) persuades her to relate the events leading up to her breakdown: In Washington state, Louise, who works as a nurse for the emotionally disturbed wife of Dean Graham (Raymond Massey), is in love with engineer David Sutton (Van Heflin) and wants to marry him, but he does not return her love and, annoyed by her possessiveness, ends their relationship. David then asks Graham, who does not know of his affair with Louise, to recommend him for a job in Canada. Louise overhears their conversation and later begs David to take her with him to Canada.

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Daisy Kenyon (1947)


Successful attorney Dan O'Mara (Dana Andrews) visits the Greenwich Village apartment of his mistress, Daisy Kenyon (Joan), a magazine illustrator, to cancel a date, explaining that he has been summoned to Washington on business. Daisy, upset, threatens to break off their relationship but soon relents. As Dan leaves the building, he hails the taxi that discharges Peter Lapham (Henry Fonda), a soldier Daisy met at a party the previous evening, who has come to take her to dinner.

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Daisy Kenyon

Flamingo Road (1949)


Lane Bellamy, (Joan) is a carnival dancer, who has a relationship with local politician, Fielding Carlisle (Zachary Scott). The corrupt Sheriff, (Sydney Greenstreet) who just happens to be looking out for Fielding's (Zachary Scott) political career concocts a plan to keep Lane (Joan) away from Fielding (Zachary Scott) by framing her for a crime and throwing her in jail. After her release, she sets out to get revenge on the men who put her there. As she begins to get her life back on track, she meets and marries, Dan Reynolds (David Brian). They move to the nicer part of the neighborhood, to a house on the prestigious Flamingo Road.

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Flamingo Road

It's A Great Feeling (1949)


Judy Adams, played by a young Doris Day is thrown into this star studded film, that Warners made to simply showcase their stable of stars. Most appear as themselves, with Joan Crawford demonstrating her perfected slapping skills on Jack Carson and Dennis Morgan, going on to explain, "I do that in all my pictures." She steals the show.

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It's a Great Feeling

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