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"A Slave of Fashion" (1925)

Cast: Cast: Norma Shearer,Lew Cody,William Haines,Mary Carr,James Corrigan,Vivia Ogden,Miss DuPont,Joan Crawford/Mannequin(uncredited)

Release date - August 23, 1925

Running time - 6 reels

Director - Hobart Henley

Writing Credits - Bess Meredyth, Jane Muffin and Samuel Shipman (story)

Producer - Unknown

Cinematographer - Ben F. Reynolds

Studio - MGM - Black and White - Silent

Box Office Figures for "A Slave of Fashion": N/A

Movie Synopsis

Katherine Emerson (Norma Shearer), an Iowa girl hungry for the good things in life, leaves her small hometown and sets out for New York. En route, she is involved in a train wreck in which another woman is killed. Katherine finds the woman's purse and, among its contents, discovers an invitation for the woman to spend six months in an unoccupied luxury apartment in Manhattan. Katherine seizes this opportunity and sets up housekeeping in the elegant suite, living well and dressing in the newest fashions. Her family appears unexpectedly, and Katherine tells them that she is married to Nicholas Wentworth (Lew Cody), the apartment's owner.

Mother Emerson (Mary Carr), disturbed that Nicholas is not living with his "wife," writes to him in Europe and asks him to return. Nicholas arrives unexpectedly and is highly amused at Katherine's predicament, taking every opportunity to make her miserable. Katherine finally decides to tell her family the truth, but she is forestalled when Nicholas, who has decided that she would make a good wife, asks her to marry him.

Interesting Trivia

Joan is listed as a Mannequin in the credits, however her role is uncredited.

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