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"I never go out unless I look like Joan Crawford the movie star." - Joan Crawford

Joan Crawford Events


Joan Crawford is still loved by so many people throughout the world and if the fans are lucky there are random events scheduled to pay tribute to Joan. These events might be a showing of one of her many films, a retrospect of her career or just a gathering of fans. This page will feature upcoming and past events, some with photos and descriptions of these Joan Crawford events that happen throughout the years. If you have attended a Joan Crawford Event and have photos and a story you would like to, please send your photos in to jcrawford1904@yahoo.com - Enjoy!

Upcoming Joan Crawford Events

Below is a list of upcoming Joan Crawford events, movies and other related gatherings involving Joan Crawford. If you're aware of a film viewing or any other related event going on in your area, please email me at jcrawford1904@yahoo.com

The Women (1939)
Friday, December 5th in Los Angeles, CA 730pm at the Billy Wilder Theater - UCLA.


The UCLA film & television archive presents:
Crystal Allen (Joan) is a shopgirl having an affair with the husband of Mary Haines (Norma Shearer). When Sylvia (Rosalind Russell) and Edith (Phyllis Povah) overhear the rumor in the beauty salon, they can't bring themselves to break the news to the innocent Mary so they arrange for her to overhear the gossip with her own ears. Fleeing to Reno for a divorce, Mary meets a Countess (Mary Boland) and Miriam (Paulette Goddard) all of who are having man trouble of their own.

The Women

Rare Home Movies (1939-1942)
Friday, December 5th in Los Angeles, CA 730pm at the Billy Wilder Theater - UCLA.


George Eastman House presents:
Uber rare home movies of Joan Crawford from 1939-1942 in full color. These films show Joan hunting, fishing and canoeing with a mystery man! Also, Christina is shown taking her first steps celebrating her birthday at a lavish party and swimming in the Brentwood pool with Mommie. The videos show a loving mother and a very happy child - very contradicting to what Mommie Dearest portrays. The real highlight is a fully nude Joan Crawford sunbathing on a roof in full color. AMAZING! See full story below at bottom of this page.
Sudden Fear (1952)
Saturday, December 6th in Los Angeles, CA 730pm at the Billy Wilder Theater - UCLA.


The UCLA film & television archive presents:
Myra Hudson (Joan) is a New York playwright who meets, falls in love and marries an actor who auditions for one of her plays. What follows next is a psychological game of cat and mouse when Myra discovers that her loving husband, Lester Blaine (Jack Palance) has plans to murder her for her money. Instead of fleeing in terror, Myra decides to turn the tables and bump off Lester first, however, some things just don't go as planned...

Sudden Fear

Rain (1932)
Saturday, December 6th in Los Angeles, CA 930pm at the Billy Wilder Theater - UCLA.


The UCLA film & television archive presents:
This is quite a strange film about a prostitute, Sadie Thompson (Joan) who is quarantined on Pago Pago Island. The other temporary inhabitants are the Reverend Davidson (Walter Huston), his wife and a few other various traveling companions. The American Military are stationed on the Island permanently and Sadie is a big hit with them, especially the innocent Sgt O'Hara (William Gargan), a smitten soldier whom she nicknames, 'handsome.'


Mildred Pierce (1945)
Friday, December 12th in Los Angeles, CA 730pm at the Billy Wilder Theater - UCLA


The UCLA film & television archive presents:
Told in flashbacks, Mildred Pierce starts with gun shots at a beach house and the appearance of a victim in a body bag. It is only through Mildred's (Joan) interrogation at Police Headquarters that we begin to understand what really happened. The story centers around doting mother, Mildred Pierce and her eldest daughter, Veda (Ann Blyth). A bratty teenager who gets what she wants, when she wants it, it's clear that Mildred will stop at nothing to appease her every whim. However, Mildred's seemingly perfect world is shattered when she finds out her husband, Bert (Bruce Bennett) is having an affair with a neighborhood woman, Mrs. Biederhof (Lee Patrick).

Mildred Pierce

Possessed (1947)
Friday, December 12th in Los Angeles, CA 930pm at the Billy Wilder Theater - UCLA


The UCLA film & television archive presents:
After deeply disturbed Louise Howell (Joan) is brought to the psychiatric ward of a hospital, Dr. Harvey Willard (Stanley Ridges) persuades her to relate the events leading up to her breakdown: In Washington state, Louise, who works as a nurse for the emotionally disturbed wife of Dean Graham (Raymond Massey), is in love with engineer David Sutton (Van Heflin) and wants to marry him, but he does not return her love and, annoyed by her possessiveness, ends their relationship. David then asks Graham, who does not know of his affair with Louise, to recommend him for a job in Canada. Louise overhears their conversation and later begs David to take her with him to Canada.

Possessed 1947

Johnny Guitar (1954)
Saturday, December 13th in Los Angeles, CA 730pm at the Billy Wilder Theater - UCLA


The UCLA film & television archive presents:
In an unusual twist on the western genre, Johnny Guitar focuses on two women, Vienna (Joan) and Emma, (Mercedes McCambridge) both hell bent on destroying each other. With Emma being the largest land owner in the area, she sees Vienna's  dream of opening a town (once the railroad goes through), as a major threat. In love with the bad boy outlaw, Dancin' Kid (Scott Brady) and watching his affections turn to Vienna, Emma  in an attempt to preserve her own sanity, decides she must destroy them, permanently.

Johnny Guitar

Flamingo Road (1949)
Saturday, December 13th in Los Angeles, CA 930pm at the Billy Wilder Theater - UCLA


The UCLA film & television archive presents:
Lane Bellamy, (Joan) is a carnival dancer, who has a relationship with local politician, Fielding Carlisle (Zachary Scott). The corrupt Sheriff, (Sydney Greenstreet) who just happens to be looking out for Fielding's political career concocts a plan to keep Lane away from Fielding by framing her for a crime and throwing her in jail. After her release, she sets out to get revenge on the men who put her there. As she begins to get her life back on track, she meets and marries, Dan Reynolds (David Brian). They move to the nicer part of the neighborhood, to a house on the prestigious Flamingo Road.

Flamingo Road

Past Joan Crawford Events

Below is a list of past Joan Crawford events, movies and other related gatherings involving Joan Crawford. If you have attended a Joan Crawford event and have photos and a story you would like to, please send your photos in to jcrawford1904@yahoo.com

Possessed: The Films of Joan Crawford
Billy Wilder Theater UCLA - Los Angeles - December 5th-6th 2008


On December 5, 2008, Joan fan and friend, Donna Nowak, and many other Joan fans came to LA to see the rare Joan Crawford Home movies! Detailed description below: 

All I have to say is WOW! Donna and I met in LA and headed to the Billy Wilder Theater at UCLA in LA. We were both really excited to see these rare home movies and they did not disappoint. They were UNBELIEVABLE! Words cannot express what we saw - but I will try and type out everything I can remember.

First of most of the footage was in color and dated from 1939 - 1942. Joan looked amazing in color and you could really see the blue in her eyes, her flaming red hair and every freckle on her face. She looked more beautiful in these home movies than I have ever seen her in any photograph or in any one of her many films. I swear to God - Donna can attest to this as well.

They showed Joan with this mysterious man she was having an affair with during this time in her life, they started off in the fall in upstate Connecticut traveling from her lovers second home in upstate NY. Joan looked so natural and herself, she even walks more casually than ever seen before. She is in a canoe fishing on a beautiful lake. FISHING!!! and then you see her hunting with a huge rifle in her hand - it's very masculine, she is also lighting a cigarette while doing this.They show her frolicking around the woods and looking radiant - it appears to be 1939 her hair is set as it looks in The Women.

Then they show Christina taking her first steps (1940) Joan is watching Christina looking on with sheer joy and love. Very touching. Then they show Joan and the mystery man getting very lovey dovey, not sure who was filing them together and Christina is also with them barely able to walk and Joan's dog Pupchen is in the film too knocking Christina over.

Then we see a long clip of Joan feeding baby Christopher for a long while - amazing close up of Joan in full color, it's breathtaking. THEN the real shock cam on the screen. Joan is on the rooftop of her lover with Christina and all of a sudden BAM you see Joan lying on her stomach in the full sun NAKED as a jaybird! UNREAL. In full-color! Her skin was perfect bone white and her figure was to die for, her behind was so shapely. It was like seeing a goddess. The whole place was in all and all her heard were loud gasps. Donna and I were freaking out. It was a sight to see.

Then we saw Christina's 1st birthday party in the backyard in Brentwood - the house looks so beautiful. There were a few celebs there, they showed a lot of Joan with Margaret Sullivan. Christina was cute as a button and looked so happy...the party was filled with kids and they were playing fun games - then they went into the house and all were eating a glorious cake and fun ice cream in the shapes of various animals. You could see Joan looking around making everything was perfect for Christina's first birthday. It was a sight to see. There was scary clown that was doing weird tricks with a baby pig. It was funny.

Then we see a naked Christina age 1 going in the pool with Joan and Joan is with two older children in the pool teaching them how to swim - Joan is in a gorgeous red bathing suit looking stunning - her hair is dyed a dark brown in these portions of the films.

We later see Joan on the top of some hotel in New York filming a 180 view of New york city circa 1942, you can see zephyrs in the sky and the empire state building and the Brooklyn bridge..it looked so clean and fresh!

Then you see Joan outside, looks like a countryside in the sun, hair red again and her face is free makeup for the most part, just light lipstick. She is lying in the grass, looking in to the sun and into the camera. The man filming these that she was having an affair with obviously loved Joan dearly and you can tell by the way Joan was looking into the camera the feeling was mutual. She looked more beautiful than ever. Then there is a shot of her writing letters and you can actually see a blemish on her face under her right eye. The man she was seeing caught her off guard and Joan was shocked and started laughing and hiding her face and being very cute and playful.

WOW, I know this is long but I wanted to wrote all this while it was still fresh in my head. I have to say that these videos NEED to see the light of day - they are historic and the crowd was going nuts I tell you!

Unreal - Donna and I were going crazy. Wishing you all were there to share in on this one with us.


On December 6, 2008, we screened Rain and Sudden Fear and it was truly a wonderful double feature! Casey introduced two of the prototype dolls to the fans and they were better then I expected them to be. They are quite larger and the detail on these dolls are exquisite! Joan and doll fans alike will be more than pleased!











The Silent Film Festival - The Unknown
429 Castro Street - San Francisco - July 12th 2008

On July 11, 2008, Joan fan and friend, Donna Nowak, came to visit with her friens Karen while they were out here for The Silent Film Festival. Below are pictures of us looking through my Joan Crawford collection

On July 12, 2008, The Castro Theatre was showing "The Unknown" as part of the 13th annual Silent Film Festival. It was a treat seeing this early silent classic on the big screen. I attended the event with Joan fans, Scott, Darwin, Donna, David, Robert, Karen, Richard, Craig and my partner Paul. Enjoy the photos below!





















Philadelphia Gay Pride
Kisses for Mazzoni and Tony - a kissing booth fundraiser on June 8th 2008!

Joan Crawford fan, contributor and friend, Mark Toscani attended the Pride in Philadelphia on June 8th. Mark had a kissing both to raise money for a wellness center in his partner name. A flayer of Joan kissing Jimmy Stewart from "The Ice Follies of 1939" was used to promote the event! Congrats Mark on raising a hefty amount of money for the wellness center. Thanks Mark!





The House of Crawford
Every last Friday night of the month at The Metro Bar, 9PM on 2123 Market St at Church San Francisco.

Every last Friday night of the month at The Metro Bar there is a drag show called, "The House of Crawford." The drag show honors Joan Crawford and her many looks! Since this is an ongoing event, many more pictures from this event will be added. Stay tuned! Big thanks to Darwin and Danny!





Harriet Craig showing at Castro Theatre
429 Castro Street - San Francisco - April 2nd 2008

On April 2, 2008, The Castro Theatre had a double feature - "Harriet Craig" and "Back Street" were being played. The dueling divas were Joan Crawford and Susan Hayward. Joan won! I attended the event with Joan fan, Darwin Bell and friends. Enjoy the photos below!






UCLA Tribute to Joan Crawford
UCLA College - Los Angeles - February 25th 2008

On February 25, 2008, UCLA hosted a film and discussion tribute on Joan Crawford in Los Angeles, CA.!! I was fortunate to attend. The event was inspired by the release of the book "Not the Girl Next Door" by Charlotte Chandler. Among the attendees were author, Charlotte Chandler, Joan's former publicist, Warren Cowan, writer, Kevin Thomas, actor, co-star & friend Cliff Robertson, lifelong secretary Betty Barker, historian, Sean Sobeck, Joan's grandson, Casey LaLonde and many more! Enjoy the photos below.