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The Films of the 1930's


"I need sex for a clear complexion, but I'd rather do it for love." ~ Joan Crawford

Joan Crawford Films from the 1930's

The talkies were born and Hollywood and the films would change forever. This was bad news for those who didn't transition well from silents to talkies due to an unappealing voice, but for some this only strengthened their careers. Joan Crawford is one of the few stars that successfully transitioned from the silent era to talking motion pictures. Joan Crawford not only appeared in an amazing 25 films but she was the top-billed star in each of those films. Crawford showed a glimpse of what was to come in an early dramatic role in the 1930 film "Paid." Joan also 'clicked' with the working-class Americans and was labeled "the shop-girl-who-makes-good." She also showed that she could hang with the legends of Hollywood in the Academy Award winning movie for the Best Picture of 1932 "Grand Hotel." Joan also teamed up with a man that would ultimately become the love of her life, Clark Gable, in seven films they would make together during in the 1930s. Joan also showed that she was on the verge of branching out and not afraid to take on a different role in the film that revitalized her career in the 1939 film, "The Women." Below are the films of the 1930s that Joan Crawford stared in. I hope you enjoy exploring each movie and the fun facts, trivia and numerous photos that show Joan Crawford's life on film during the 1930s. Enjoy!

The Films of the 1930's







Montana Moon (1930)


Somehow doing a musical in the shaky infancy days of sound films, doesn't seem like such a great idea. Such was the format with 'Montana Moon', and a great idea, it was not! Joan Prescott (Joan) is a wealthy young daughter of a Montana rancher. Whilst on a train from New York City back to her home in Montana, she decides to sneak off the train before her final stop, making a decision to turn around and go back to The Big Apple. Before she can get back on another train, she runs into handsome cowboy, Larry Kerrigan (Johnny Mack Brown). In a typically accelerated movie romance, they fall in love and marry.

23 Photographs / 13 Movie Poster etc. / 1 Fan Review

Montana Moon (1930)

Our Blushing Brides (1930)


Gerry (Joan), Connie (Anite Page) and Franky (Dorothy Sebastian) are best friends who live and work together in New York City. Three shopgirls looking for love, desperate to find a man to keep them, have little luck realizing their dream. The fragile Franky (Dorothy Sebastian) commits suicide when she's dumped by her boyfriend and Connie (Anita Page) gets all caught up in her crooked boyfriend's underhanded affairs. Gerry (Joan) helps her out of her predicament and Connie (Anita Page) leaves New York City seeking retreat at her family's farm.

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Our Blushing Brides (1930)

Great Day (1930)


"Great Day" is one of those mystery productions that was started and shut down before its completion. The film was very close to completion, but the studio, and Joan, supposedly didn't like what they were seeing. They mutually decided to go into major rewrites to save the film with the plan to go back to shooting with the newly revised script by the following year, in 1931. It never happened and "Great Day," was never released. However, there seems to be a much bigger story to the movie that never was.

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Great Day (1930)

Paid (1930)


Mary Turner (Joan), a shopgirl, is sentenced to a 3-year prison term for a crime she did not commit, and she declares in the courtroom that she will someday even the score for the way in which she has been treated by the law. After serving her term, she becomes associated with three criminals: Joe Garson (Robert Armstrong), Agnes Lynch (Marie Prevost), and Red (George Cooper), with whom she instigates numerous activities bordering on embezzlement, blackmail, and larceny, but which are always within the law.

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Paid (1930)

Dance, Fools, Dance (1931)


Bonnie Jordan (Joan), formerly a spoiled, carefree socialite, is faced with poverty or hard work when her father, Stanley Jordan (William Holden), dies of a heart attack during the stock market crash of 1929. Though she in in love with Robert "Bob" Townsend (Lester Vail), she refuses his proposal of marriage, because he offers it merely as "the gentlemanly thing to do." Instead, she goes to work as a cub reporter on the New York Star. Her brother Rodney (William Bakewell) takes an easier way out by helping bootlegger Jake Luva (Clark Gable) peddle his liquor to Rodney's wealthy friends.

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Dance, Fools, Dance (1931)

Laughing Sinners (1931)


Ivy 'Bunny' Stevens (Joan) is a chorus girl, who falls for the sleazy salesman, Howard 'Howdy' Palmer (Neil Hamilton). After dumping her in order to marry his bosses daughter, Ivy (Joan) decides to end it all by jumping from a bridge. She is saved in the nick of time by kind hearted Salvation Army Officer, Carl Loomis (Clark Gable) and begins to rebuild her life with him, taking comfort that she is helping others.

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Laughing Sinners (1931)

This Modern Age (1931)


Valentine Winters (Joan) is a young woman from a divorced family who's determined to meet the mother (Pauline Frederick) she has never known. She finds her in Paris, now the high maintenance mistress of a rich Frenchman, a man she merely passes off as a 'friend' to her daughter. Valentine (Joan) gets caught up in some drama of her own when she is saved by a handsome Harvard football star, Robert (Neil Hamilton), rescuing her from a car crash caused by her high living boyfriend, Tony (Monroe Owsley). Love blossoms, relationships are strained, but true love wins out in the end.

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This Modern Age (1931)

Possessed (1931)


Paper box factory worker Marian Martin (Joan) wants more out of life than marriage to her small town boyfriend, Al Manning (Wallace Ford). As she looks through the windows of a stopped railroad car carrying wealthy passengers, she meets Wally Stuart (Richard Gallagher), a New Yorker who gives her champagne and tells her to look him up. After Al angrily accuses her of impropriety, Marian leaves and goes to New York. Wally gives her some advice on meeting and keeping wealthy men, which Marian uses to begin a relationship with his friend Mark Whitney (Clark Gable), a divorced attorney.

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Possessed (1931)

Grand Hotel (1932)


An entertaining film, with an all-star cast, surrounding the comings and goings of the guests of Berlins most lavish hotel - 'Grand Hotel' - The story unfolds over two nights, we see people falling in love, falling out of love, getting drunk, there's even a master jewel thief concocting a plan to steal a string of pearls, only to steal the heart of the owner instead.


Letty Lynton (1932)


New York socialite Letty Lynton (Joan), who has been living in Montevideo, Uruguay, wants to end her affair with Emile Renaul (Nils Asther). Because she has left Emile before but has always returned, her maid Miranda is skeptical, as is Emile, who thinks this is just a whim. On the steamship to America, Letty sees wealthy American Jerry Darrow (Robert Montgomery) and is immediately attracted to him. At dinner, their attraction increases, and after two weeks at sea, they have fallen in love.


Rain (1932)


This is quite a strange film about a prostitute, Sadie Thompson (Joan) who is quarantined on Pago Pago Island. The other temporary inhabitants are the Reverend Davidson (Walter Huston), his wife and a few other various traveling companions. The American Military are stationed on the Island permanently and Sadie (Joan) is a big hit with them, especially the innocent Sgt O'Hara (William Gargan), a smitten soldier whom she nicknames, 'handsome.'


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"Grand Hotel"(1932) (4 movie reviews/comments) *27 Photos*

"Letty Lynton"(1932) (2 movie reviews/comments) *45 Photos*

"Rain"(1932) (5 movie reviews/comments) *27 Photos*

"Today We Live"(1933) (1 movie review/comment) *27 Photos*

"Dancing Lady"(1933) (1 movie review/comments) *37 Photos*

"Sadie Mckee"(1934) (1 movie review/comment)

"Chained"(1934) (1 movie review/comment)

"Forsaking All Others"(1934) (1 movie review/comment)

"No More Ladies"(1935) (1 movie review/comment)

"I Live My Life"(1935) (1 movie review/comment)

"The Gorgeous Hussy"(1936) (1 movie review/comment)

"Love on the Run"(1936) (1 movie review/comment)

"The Last of Mrs. Cheyney"(1937) (1 movie review/comment)

"The Bride Wore Red"(1937)

"Mannequin"(1938) (1 movie review/comment)

"The Shining Hour"(1938)

"The Ice Follies of 1939" (2 movie reviews/comments)

"The Women"(1939) (3 movie reviews/comments)

"Strange Cargo"(1940) (1 movie review/comment)

"Susan and God"(1940) (1 movie review/comment)

"A Woman's Face"(1941) (3 movie reviews/comments)

"When Ladies Meet"(1941)

"They All Kissed the Bride"(1942) (1 movie review/comment)

"Reunion in France"(1942) (2 movie reviews/comments)

"Above Suspicion"(1943) (2 movie reviews/comments)

"Mildred Pierce"(1945) (3 movie reviews/comments)

"Humoresque"(1946) (2 movie reviews/comments)

"Possessed"(1947) (3 movie reviews/comments)

"Daisy Kenyon"(1947) (1 movie review/comment)

"Flamingo Road"(1949) (2 movie reviews/comments)

"The Damned Don't Cry"(1950) (2 movie reviews/comments)

"Harriet Craig"(1950) (1 movie review/comment)

"Goodbye My Fancy"(1951)

"This Woman is Dangerous"(1952) (1 movie review/comment)

"Sudden Fear"(1952) (2 movie reviews/comments)

"Torch Song"(1953) (1 movie review/comment)

"Johnny Guitar"(1954) (2 movie reviews/comments)

"Female on the Beach"(1955) (1 movie review/comment)

"Queen Bee"(1955) (2 movie reviews/comments)

"Autumn Leaves"(1956) (1 movie review/comment)

"The Story of Esther Costello"(1957) (2 movie reviews/comments)

"The Best of Everything"(1959) (1 movie review/comment)

"What Ever Happened to Baby Jane"(1962) (2 movie reviews/comments)

"The Caretakers"(1963)

"Strait Jacket"(1964) (2 movie reviews/comments)

"I Saw What You Did"(1965)





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