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"Clark and me together again, with all the overt and implied sexuality. ~ Joan Crawford on "Chained."


"Chained" 1934

Cast: Joan Crawford~Clark Gable~Otto Kruger~Stuart Erwin~Una O'Conner~Marjorie Gateson~Akim Tamiroff.

Director: Clarence Brown

Costumes: Adrian

Box Office Figures for "Chained":

Cost: $544K ~ Domestic Studio Gross: $1,301m. ~ Foreign Studio Gross: $687K
Total: $1,988m. / Profit: $732K

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Reviewer: writerdonna7

Stars: Three and a half

Review: I absolutely love "Chained." The plot is as thin as crepe paper, but it doesn't matter, because the romantic and sexual chemistry between Joan Crawford and Clark Gable is at an all-time high and just delightful to watch. Plus, there's so much elegance, Art Deco 30's splendor, a giggly pool scene with Crawford and Gable, and general fun to enjoy. Joan Crawford (at her lacquered, lovely best) plays Diane Lovering who is romantically involved with an older, married man Richard Field

(Otto Kruger). Since his wife won't give him a divorce and Diane is even willing to be the "other woman" (which he doesn't think would be fair to her), he decides to send her on a cruise to Buenos Aires while he tries to get his wife to relent. On the cruise, Diane meets dashing rancher Mike Bradley (Clark Gable) and they start a shipboard romance.

Oh, Diane is trying to be faithful to the gentle, old nobleman at home and she is, but let's face it -- you can almost smell Gable's cologne in this one, he looks so handsome. And Crawford in her Adrian gowns, lounging in the moonlight, sipping Sherry flips prettily, is indeed a thing of beauty (as she's intended to be). Plus the pair seem to be having such gosh-darn fun together and all their scenes together are the heart and meat and delight of this film. The pool scene mentioned above is particularly fun and features a child Mickey Rooney. Anyway, yes, Diane does fall for Mike and wants to come clean to the dignified Richard, but meanwhile Richard has achieved the grant of divorce and has his hopes set on Diane, so she decides to do the noble thing (glamorous suffering) and marry Richard, breaking it off with Mike. But then her path crosses with Mike again (again, the film picks up!) and one sees that love is going to conquer all.

It doesn't matter if you know what happens -- it's all romantic, glitzy, escapist fun. Plus Crawford is so much fun to look at with her array of outfits -- even her nails are something to see. It's all about chemistry here and that's enough.




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