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"I had a big mouth, shoulders wider than John Wayne's, not much in the bosom area, and a lot of bones that showed. The only thing in my favor was my legs. And my eyes." ~Joan Crawford


Monthly Television Schedule

April/May television schedule for Joan Crawford movies:

"Mildred Pierce" on Wednesday, April 25th @ 9:15am on on Turner Classic Moves (TCM).

"The Bride Wore Red" on Friday, April 27th @ 6:00am on Turner Classic Moves (TCM).

"I Saw What You Did" on Monday, April 30th @ 12:30am on CHILLERS.
(Check your local listings for channel info.)

"What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?" on Monday, April 30th @ 11:30pm on CHILLERS.
(Check your local listings for channel info.)

"Rain" on Thursday, May 3rd @ 7:15am on Turner Classic Moves (TCM).

Stay tuned for possible additions to the April/May television schedule.

Current photo of Joan Crawford's Brentwood Home


Current photo of the "Baby Jane" house


The Queen of Pepsi~Cola


Above/Below: Two photos courtesy of P. Friedman. Mr. Friedman';s father used to work for Pepsi~Cola from 1966-1980 and he was a huge Joan Crawford fan. These pictures were owned by him and passed to his son, whom is also a huge Joan Crawford fan. The two picture see here are of Joan at the Pepsi~Cola opening ceremonies in Purchase, New York 1970.



Above: Joan Crawford with husband Al Steele at their East 70th St. apartment in 1958.


Above: Joan Crawford, 1965, in the kitchen of her apartment on 2 East 70th Street,
shortly before moving to the Imperial House on 69th Street.


The October issue of 'New Yorker' magazine features four legends on four differnt covers. Joan Crawford, Madonna, Bob Dylan and Andy Warhol.


Above: Christopher Crawford with his mother, Joan Crawford, in 1951.

The Legednary Joan Crawford site sadly announces that Christopher Crawford died of cancer on September 22, 2006. He would have been 63 years old on October 15th. His death was pronounced at approximately 10:50 am, at the Eastern Long Island Hospital in Greenport, New York.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Christopher's family.

Christopher Crawford
October 15, 1943 - September 22, 2006


Click above photo to ask Casey a question.

There's a great new addition to the Legendary Joan Crawford website. Following in his grandmother's footsteps, Casey LaLonde will be accepting and answering questions from Joan Crawford fans. You can submit your questions on the "Ask Casey" page. You will also find a candid and touching introduction from Casey himself. I welcome you to this new addition. Check it out!!


Get Joan Crawford on a postage stamp. Write a detailed letter to the address below saying why Joan Crawford deserves to be on US postage stamp! Send one letter a day!

Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee,
c/o Stamp Development, U.S. Postal Service,
475 L'Enfant Plaza, SW, Room 4474E, Washington, D.C.



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