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About Me / Fans


"If you're looking for the boy next door, go next door." ~Neil (2006)

Many people ask "Why Joan Crawford?" Well, I think she is a forgotten star when it comes to her accomplishments as an artist. I feel that people should remember her for her contributions to film and also to history. I could go on and on about it, it's all in the website so check it out if you haven't already done so. I would love to hear your feedback and comments on the site so feel free to email me.

I hope all of you enjoy this site I have put together devoted to the late great actress, Joan Crawford. A lot of time has gone into putting this site together and there have been many people who have helped in one way or another and I would like to say thank you!!!! Thanks for the continued support of all the Joan Crawford fans that contribute to this site! This page is dedicated to the fans!!



~Above: Maybe they were friends after all; Norma Shearer, Joan Crawford
and Jerry Wald in 1959.~

About me.....my name is Neil. I am 32 years old and I live in Boston, Massachusetts. I work in print advertising. My hobbies include: old movies, swimming, music, board games, the beach, outdoor activities, stained glass, softball, football and of course Joan Crawford!!

Now most people ask me, "How did I get interested in Joan Crawford?" Well, honestly, I had only heard of Joan Crawford through the movie "Mommie Dearest." I had no idea who this woman "really" was and I thought the movie was great and I would watch it quite a bit. As I got older I started to think, who is this Joan Crawford person and what did she do? If you have only ever watched the movie "Mommie Dearest" than you are missing out. I first saw a picture of the "REAL" Joan Crawford and I was blown away. It was a picture from the movie "Grand Hotel" and I could not believe the beauty this woman possessed, she was flawless and looked nothing like what Faye Dunaway was portraying in the movie. (I do admit once Crawford took on the harsher image, Dunaway did resemble Crawford in her later years.)

I welcome you to the Legendary Joan Crawford Website. Below are fans of Joan Crawford and our website. This website is OUR website, the fans of Joan Crawford. Everyone below has contributed to this website in one way or another and I thank them for their knowledge, support, dedication, information and friendship. Without the fans, there would be no Legendary Joan Crawford Website.


Above: My late grandmother, Irene, was a huge Joan Crawford fan. She was born in 1911.
The above picture was taken in 1946.
I can see the "Mildred Pierce" influence in the picture above..from the hair to the pinstriped suit!! I love it!!

The first Crawford movie I watched was "Mildred Pierce" and that's where I saw the real "Joan Crawford." Not only was the movie great but her acting and passion was just something you don't see today in actresses also her beauty is something that you rarely see today, that classic, timeless, natural beauty....no plastic surgery or botox etc...just a natural beauty. From "Mildred", I watched "Rain", "A Woman's Face" and "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?" all some of her best pictures. From the movies I started reading about the star and looking up information and talking to people online that had information about her. All of that adds up to me creating this website and my attraction to the star. With that said, I look forward to meeting fans of Joan, learning new things about Joan and any other information or comments you wish to share. I will be updating the site on a regular basis and I would love feedback or suggestions on anything that you think would make the site better. Thank you for looking at my site.

Below are actual pictures of Joan Crawford fans. These people help keep my site interesting and keep my passion going for the site. Thanks to all of you this site has flourished. If you would like your picture posted here, please email me your picture at the address below.



~Above: My BIGGEST supporter, my boyfriend, Paul.~ (2005)

Email: brando391

Comment: I'm still not real sure how I found your site, but it's fantastic. Your introduction is particularly well-written. I think even most of Joan's fans, myself included, often forget that beneath all the Hollywood glamour and steely facade there was a humman being there; one who was tough, insecure, abusive, loyal, controlling, and all the other words one can use to describe human behavior. She created Joan Crawford, and then became the creation. I think your analysis of her, as well as the historical aspects of her life and career, are objective, rational, and beautifully poignant. Joan had many demons, but don't we all?

Your site helps people to remember Joan not for her flaws, but for her incredible life as the greatest movie star in history. Kudos to you; hope to hear from you soon.



~Above: Robert~ (2005)

September 2005

From: dainbramaged926

Comment: This is the best Crawford site I've come across so far. It is so refreshing to come across others who truly love Joan and see her as the great actress she truly was. People tend to ignore genius nowadays because of the "Mommie Dearest" thing and that is just wrong. She was beautiful, radiant and a wonderful actress.

By the way, thanks for posting all those wonderful pictures.


~Above: One of my very best friends, Patrick~ (2005)

September 2005

From: moonlightinvermont1953

Comment: This is by far the classiest Crawford site in existence. Thank you, Neil, for creating it.



~Above: Two huge Joan Crawford fans; my friend Chris and I.~ (2005)

September 2005

From: Jeff Corhn

LocationAge: Fort Meade, Florida 38

FavoriteJoanCrawfordMovie: Mildred Pierce and W.H.T.B.J.

Comment: What a woman !!! She was beautiful, and she was very well heeled ! I love her face ! What bone structure and symmetry. Gorgeous eyes and smile ! Very strong character. I don't know why I identify with her so well. I'm so grateful to have clicked onto this wonderful website !!! I've thoroughly enjoyed it !!! It was a fantastic way to spend a lonely Monday holiday night!


~Above: A friend of mine, Michelle Vogel, and author of
Joan Crawford " Her Life in Letters."(2005)

September 2005

Name: David

LocationAge: Phoenix, AZ/32

FavoriteJoanCrawfordMovie: From the Joan Crawford Box set--The Damned Don't Cry

Comment: Hi Neil,

I must confess to you about an addiction, I have, as I enter my early 30s--and the addiction is to your web page devoted to the late, great "moviestar", Joan Crawford! Actually, her accomplishments in life, reached far beyond being a moviestar, for sure. Seriously, though, no joke, I have to log onto your site at least ever other day, to get my fix of all those wonderful pictures of Joanie. :)I particularly love the color pics, where her beautiful blues eyes and red hair with diamonds are showcased.

Congratulations on putting together this wonderful site, for all of us, Joan Crawford fans. Joanie would be so happy with your site, and probably a addicted to it, as well. :)

"Best of Everything" to you, Neil



Above: Emanuel & Joan Crawford! Very creative! (2005)

September 2005

Name: Jeff

LocationAge: Hollywood, CA -- 42

FavoriteJoanCrawfordMovie: Mildred Pierce

Comment: I love this website! And I'm thrilled to learn that Joan Crawford's grandchildren take an active interest in her work as an actress. I wish her daughters Cindy and Cathy would share memories of their mother. Have they ever visited this website?


Above: A lot of laughs, a lot of booze and a ton of laughs!
Joan Crawford, Judy Garland and Jane Wyman whooping it up!


Great site! Congratulations on your work. Joan Crawford really was a beauty . . . and you are, too!



~Above: Matthew from Arizona.~(2005)

Name: Jason

LocationAge: Pittsburgh/22

FavoriteJoanCrawfordMovie: Mildred Pierce

Comment: What a wonderful site! It was so nice to stumble upon this while actually looking for Baby Jane information. It's good to see someone like you creating such an awesome tribute to darling Joan. Keep up the good work!By the way, I do have some photographs somewhere of me from two halloweens ago when I went dressed as an elegant Joan Crawford. I'll send them to you.


Above: Andre Soares is the author of Beyond Paradise: The Life of Ramon Novarro.
Andre, thanks for being a great guy.

From: diane5735

Comment: Thank you for the wonderful website! I am delighted I found it, and immediately bookmarked it. I'm eagerly looking forward to the boutique, and would also like to learn how I might acquire a copy of 'Letty Lynton.' Thank you


Above: Carol Channing and Joan!
I would have laughed my ass off in the company of those two!!!

From: corny29

Comment: I love the photos you have of Joan Crawford!! I knew she was beautiful and wonderful actress.She adopted her children.They were also beautiful. I hope to hear forward from you soon. Have a wonderful night.

Thank you,


Above: Sexy Carly!!!(2005)

From: bootstrapbill

Comment: I think Joan Crawford was one of the best Actresses of her time. And moving to Warner Brothers was a good move. I wonder if Louis B Mayer ever regretted calling her "Box Office Poison" and letting her go after she won the Academy Award for Mildred Pierce. I like the site, and will be back to visit again. I've got you bookmarked, as there is too much to look at in one session.



Above: Joan Crawford and her lifelong friend Billy Haines.

From: donbergdon
Comment: I am so grateful for your beautiful site.

From: headphonealone
Comment: Beautiful site, the best there is!


Above: Clint, I love those shorts! Thanks for being a great friend!


Above: Joan Crawford, Eleanor Searle Whitney, Betsy Palmer and Celeste Holm.


Above: My softball team in Montreal. Thanks team for supporting my website! (2005)


Above: Former co-stars in "Today We Live," Gary Cooper and
Joan Crawford meet again in this candid 1937 photo.


Above: A "couple" of Joan Crawford fans, Russell & Franc!
They are using some acting tips from Joan for their role in Jaws5.


I have just seen your website and I love your website. It is the best one I've seen and I'm very impressed. I would like you to know what a HUGE fan I am of Joan's. I know every single thing there is to know about her and have seen every single movie except Harriet Craig, Sally Irene and Mary and LETTY LYNTON.

I am going to click on your site right to know more about you.

Warmest regards,


Above: Joan Crawford and her former co-star in "The Women" Paulette Goddard.

Name: Billy Stone
LocationAge: Atlanta, Georgia 49
FavoriteJoanCrawfordMovie: Mildred Pierce

Comment: This web site is absolutely wonderful. The photographs are really great and I would love to see more. I love reading about her. She was one hell of a actress!!!! This web site would make very proud.


Above: Mike thanks for supporting the site and being a great friend.
You look like a 1940's star in this picture!


I'm very grateful to have found Neil's good site.

It's my personal mission, and that of several with whom I'm connected, to "put right" the damage done to the legend Joan Crawford (born Lucille Fay LeSueur). My interest in Joan Crawford runs the gamut. I'm as interested in the personality behind the persona as I am the Hollywood star. To this end it's just great to find Joan's grandson Casey LaLonde in our midst.

Beyond that I feel that now, nearing the thirty year anniversary of Joan's death, it's time to put some balance to the Joan Crawford historical record. Was Joan undoubtedly one tough task master? Yes, you betcha. Was Joan dedicated and single-minded in her convictions and willing to carry them through to fruition? No question. Those very qualities are what took her from her humble origins in San Antonio to the pinnacle of Hollywood stardom.

But was she some maniacal sadist as personified by the disgruntled Christina in that heinous exposť "Mommie Dearest"? I say no. And there's plenty of hard evidence to back up this contention.

Further, it seems to me that the time is right to gain perspective in the legend that is Joan Crawford. What's lovelier than Joan's face in "Possessed"? What's more determined than Joan's character in "Mildred Pierce"? What's more convincing than Joan's portrayal of Anna Holm in "A Woman's Face"?

This is the stuff of real Hollywood legend and I remain committed to the legacy of quality and beauty given us by the late Joan Crawford. The silver screen had never seen her like before nor has it since.

Well done Neil! Somewhere I know Joan's sitting back and saying:

"Ah hell! Let's just leave it where Jesus flung it!"

What a dame!




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