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"Forgot all about "The Only Thing." - Joan Crawford

"The Only Thing" (1925)

Cast: Cast: Eleanor Boardman,Conrad Nagel,Edward Connelly,Arthur Edmund Carewe,Louis Payne,Vera Lewis,Carrie Clark Ward,Constance Wylie,Dale Fuller,Ned Sparks,Mario Carillo,David Mir,Mary Hawes,Michael Pleschkoff,Tom Tyler,Joan Crawford as Party Guest (uncredited)

Release date - November 22, 1925

Running time - 62 minutes (6 reels)

Directed by - Jack Conway

Writing Credits - Elinor Glyn (story adaptation)

Producer - Elinor Glyn

Cinematographer - Chester A. Lyons

Costumes - David Mir

Studio - MGM - Black and White - Silent

Also known as - Four Flaming Days

Movie Synopsis

Thyra (Eleanor Boardman) arrives in Chekia to be married to its old and ugly king (Edward Connelly). Of course, upon seeing the pretty soon to be queen, the Duke (Conrad Nagel) falls in love with her and a revolution erupts. The king (Edward Connelly) is assassinated and the Chief revolutionary Gigberto (Arthur Edmund Carewe) also falls in love with Thyra Eleanor Boardman).

The revolutionaries plan to drown Thyra (Eleanor Boardman) and Gigberto (Arthur Edmund Carewe) in a boat, but the Duke (Conrad Nagel) takes Gigberto's (Arthur Edmund Carewe) place. Once again, following true Elinor Glyn (the writer) formula, the happy couple are saved just in the nick of time.

Interesting Trivia

Joan has an uncredited role in the film, as a party guest. If you look carefully, you can see her dancing amongst other party goers.

Box Office Receipts - $390,000.
Inflation value in 2007: $4,606,145.14







Norbert Lusk in the New York Morning Telegraph (1925) said,"...Entertaining from start to finish. Its pomp and splendor will please those who are easily pleased; its deft touches of characterization, its cynical subtitles and excellent acting will challenge the more critical."

Variety (1925) said, "In directing, Conway did not particularly distinguish himself, but it is easy to assume that he may have been working under a handicap."

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