Legendary Joan Crawford

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~Photo Gallery~


I think that the most important thing a woman can have, next to talent, of course, is her hairdresser.
~Joan Crawford


This page is to showcase some of the great pictures I have of Joan Crawford. I have many many photos of Crawford and I will display my favorite ones monthly so stop by often and check out the amazing face of Joan Crawford!



I love this picture! This is Joan in 1934 on the set of "Chained." She was 30 years old and looked amazing.
Her smile was so captivating.


~This is just a classic picture of Crawford. Taken in 1932, the year she really came into her look. Great photo!~


~A very candid photo of Joan eating a doughnut with tea in 1939, right before "The Women" was made.~


~Joan sunbathing in 1930 while still married to Douglas Fairbanks Jr.~


~Joan candidly waters some flowers at home in the mid 1930's~


~This is just a great early picture of Joan in the late 1920's, she looks so happy and young, full of life.~


~Joan at her Brentwood estate newly purchased with her then husband Douglas Fairbanks Jr. I love looking at all the beautiful old antiques they owned together and the two portraits of the two of them in the background.
Wonder whatever became of those?~
(A fan has informed me that Ted Turner owns the portrait of Joan. I wonder how much he would sell it for?:-)


~This is a great early photo of Joan showing the amazing art deco background.~


~This is probably one of my all time favorite photos. Crawford on the set of "Forsaking All Others" in 1934. Very candid and just a great photograph.~

Photo Gallery 2

Photo Gallery 3



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