Legendary Joan Crawford

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Photo Gallery III


"For Christ's sake, get off your ass!"
~ Joan Crawford referring to Judy Garland and her substance abuse addiction.~


This photo is of Joan Crawford giving Judy Garland a wedding shower gift in 1941. This was Judy Garland's first marriage to David Rose. Joan looks amazing in this photo, those legs! Joan said this of Judy Garland, " I did not know her well, but after watching her in action a few times I didn't want to know her well."


This is one of many classic George Hurrell photos taken in the early 1930's. Probably one of the most beautiful pictures by Hurrell.


This is Joan in 1974 making an appearance at the Town Hall. One of the things that never changed about Joan was that smile. Her smile was truly radiant.


It is hard to pick just one feature of Joan Crawford's to admire. Her eyes were amazing; she had the perfect nose, porcelain skin and a glowing smile. One of the most perfect faces ever to grace the movie screen bar none!


Even at a game of ping-pong, Joan was very focused.


This is one of my favorite later photos of Joan Crawford. This photo was in 1974 when a party for her long time gal pal Rosalind Russell was being held at the Rainbow Room. I love how Joan looks so happy to see her friend and former co-star. Joan looks overjoyed to see her; you wonder what she was thinking. One of my favorite photos but as we know, Joan went into seclusion after seeing photos of her taken at this party.


Joan had the perfect face for camera-no bad angles.


Joan couldn't look happier in this photo.


Joan Crawford sits still as the now world famous Max Factor himself applies make-up to the star. What a great photo! Max Factor Co. should run this ad as a retro art deco ad.


Joan Crawford in the late 1920's on the verge of becoming one of the biggest movie stars ever.


Joan at home sunbathing in 1931. Joan said of her self when she would catch some rays- "I would become one big freckle."



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