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"This picture was strictly for Billy Haines, I might as well have stayed home." - Joan Crawford

"The Duke Steps Out" 1929

Cast: William Haines, Joan Crawford (as Susie), Karl Dane, Tenen Holtz, Edward J. Nugent, Jack Roper, Delmer Daves, Luke Cosgrave, Herbert Prior

Release date - March 16, 1929

Running time- 62 minutes (6 reels)

Directed by - James Cruze

Writing Credits - Falkland L. Cary (story),
Joseph Farnham (titles), Raymond L. Schrock and Dale Van Every.

Producer - James Cruze

Cinematographer - Ira H. Morgan

Costumes - David Cox

Studio - MGM - Black and White - Silent


Movie Synopsis

Duke (William Haines) is a millionaires son, and a champion boxer. After seeing Susie (Joan) on a college campus, he decides to further his education, and go back to school. Susie (Joan) finds Duke (William Haines) sweet and charming but his boxing manager steps in to destroy the budding relationship by telling Susie (Joan) that he already has a girlfriend.

With none of the students at the college realizing that their friend Duke, is the same Duke that is a boxing champion, they tune to the radio to listen to the fight. After he wins the championship, the truth is revealed, including the fact that he is single, much to the delight of Susie (Joan).


Interesting Trivia

This was an early teaming of lifelong friends, William Haines and Joan Crawford. Haines was the star here, MGM's new golden boy. "The Duke Steps Out" was prior to his falling out of acting due to the admission that he was gay and MGM's disapproval of 'such behavior.' By 1930, after the release of this film, both William Haines and Joan Crawford were named the number one male and female box-office stars.

Box Office Receipts: $920,000.

Inflation Value in 2007: $11,119,948.54


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Harry Mines of the Los Angeles Daily News had this to say, "Haines, always a charming and breezy comedian, outdoes many of his past efforts in this clever tale of a pugilist who falls for a college beauty. He scores tremendously in every sequence, particularly in those with Joan Crawford. Miss Crawford is as gorgeous as ever, and offers a vivid performance."

Photoplay had this to say, "Another cream puff for the antics of the Metro-Goldwyn playboy Billy Haines... A lightweight, friends, but amusing."

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