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"It (The Boob) was a disaster, I wasn't cut out for slapstick." - Joan Crawford

"The Boob" 1926

Cast: Gertrude Olmstead, George K. Arthur, Joan Crawford (as Jane), Charles Murray, Tony D'Algy, Hank Mann

Release date - June 17, 1926

Running time - 64 minutes (6 reels)

Directed by - William A. Wellman

Writing Credits - H. H. Caldwell (titles), Kenneth B. Clarke (adaptation), Katherine Hilliker (titles), George Scarborough (story) and Annette Westbay (story).

Producer - Unknown

Cinematographer - William H. Daniels

Studio - MGM

Movie Synopsis


In one of her first films, Joan Crawford was thrown into the deep end by MGM with this one. The movie sank but Joan Crawford swam on to bigger and better things. She's the only shining light in an otherwise dull slapstick comedy.

The farm boy, Peter (George K. Arthur) loves May (Gertrude Olmstead), but May loves Harry (Tony D'Algy). Peter discovers that Harry is a bootlegger and turns him in to prohibition agents. With May now impressed with Peter's detective work, she turns her affections over to him, realizing now that she;s loved him all along. Jane (Joan) fleets in and out of the film as an ally to Peter's bootlegger crusade.


Interesting Trivia

Also known as The Yokel.

Box Office Receipts - $183,000.
Inflation Value in 2007: $2,136,923.00


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The Baltimore Sun canned the film, saying, "A piece of junk...The company has simply covered itself with water and become soaking wet, for this tale of a half-dumb boy who turned prohibition agent to convince his girl he had nerve is as wishy-washy as any pail of dishwater."

Film Daily said, "The development is of such an episodic nature, however, that the initial idea is eventually lost in a variety of comedy gags, slapstick and otherwise..."

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