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" I overacted like a simpleton." ~Joan Crawford on "Paris."

"Paris" 1926

Cast: Charles Ray, Joan Crawford as The Girl, Douglas Gilmore,
Michael Visaroff, Rose Dione, Jean Galeron

Release date - May 24, 1926

Running time - 67 minutes (6 reels)

Director - Edmund Goulding

Writing Credits - Joseph Farnham (titles), Edmund Goulding

Producer - Unknown

Cinematographer - John Arnold

Costumes - Kathleen Kay, Maude Marsh and Andre-ani

Studio - MGM - Black and White - Silent


Movie Synopsis

Jerry (Charles Ray) is a rich American in Paris. After meeting a beautiful girl (Joan) in a Paris dive, he is stabbed by her jealous boyfriend for showing 'too much interest' in his girl. "The Girl" (Joan) nurses Jerry (Charles Ray) back to health, whilst trying desperately not to fall in love with him at the same time, she must now decide between her gangster boyfriend, The Cat (Douglas Gilmore) and the mysterious American, Jerry (Charles Ray). An unusual ending, since this time, the good guy ends up losing the girl.


Interesting Trivia

Photoplay had this to say, "If you leave before the final reel, you will find this an absorbing tale of love. Edmund Goulding, who wrote and directed it, slipped badly when he refused the happy ending. The girl, exquisitely played by Joan Crawford, should have married the young man about Paris night life, whom Charles Ray makes amusing and believable. Instead, she remains faithful to her sadistic apache, Douglas Gilmore. Good, but not to the last shot."

There are only a couple of surviving prints of Paris still in existence, however, all known prints are in very poor condition, sadly even beyond the point of any professional restoration attempt. In this case, as is the case with many of these badly deteriorated nitrate prints of the period, we can only hope that someone, somewhere, has a near perfect copy and they're simply unaware of the historical significance of the piece.

Thankfully, these early silents are beginning to reemerge out of attics and storage areas from all over the world. Many of these gems, once considered 'lost', have been discovered in The Netherlands and other countries.

Cost - $198,000 - Box Office Receipts - $367,000.
Inflation value in 2007: $4,285,523.28 (Box Office Receipts)


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