Legendary Joan Crawford

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Letty Lynton~1932

Cast: Joan Crawford~Robert Montgomery~Nils Asther~Lewis Stone~May Robson~Louise Closser Hale~Emma Dunn~Walter Walker~William Pawley.

Director: Clarence Brown

Costumes by Adrian


Above: Joan Crawford playing "Letty Lynton" in 1932.

Movie Synopsis

Letty Lynton (Joan Crawford) plays a wealthy New York socialite who is vacationing in South America where she meets a charming persuasive man named Emile Renaul (Nils Asther). Though not in love with Emile, she enjoys his company and when she decides to return to New York. Emile reacts violently and threatens her with letters she wrote to him in moments of lust. Letty refuses to be lured to stay with Emile and returns on a ship to New York with her maid, Miranda (Louise Closser Hale). On the ship Letty meets a dashing handsome young man named Jerry Darrow (Robert Montgomery) and a heated romance develops and before the boat can even dock, the two are engaged to marry. Meanwhile, Emile has flown to New York and is waiting at the pier to great the woman he loves, Letty Lynton. Letty returns to live with her mother, Mrs. Lynton(May Robson), whom she never had a close relationship with. Emile comes to the Lynton mansion and threatens Letty with exposure of the letters to her new fiancÚ if she does not come to his apartment that night. In despair, Letty goes to Emile's apartment taking with her some poison in a vile--she plans to kill herself. Once at Emile's apartment, an argument breaks out and Letty secretly pours the vile of poison into her wineglass. Deep in thought, Letty stares at the poisoned wine glass BUT before she can even pick up the wineglass, Emile confuses the glass to be his own and drinks the poisoned drink. Emile then dies from the fatal brew and Letty flees the scene but before she leaves she tries to cover up that she was ever there. An investigation develops and detectives who found evidence that Letty forgot to discard of track down Letty. Letty is then confronted with the evidence that clearly put her at the scene of the crime. All looks doomed for Letty and her new found love but to her surprise, Jerry concocts an alibi for Letty and to Letty's surprise, her mother backs it up. Letty and Jerry live.....happily ever after.:-)


Above: Amazing picture of Joan Crawford on the set of "Letty Lynton."

Letty Lynton was released in 1932 and it was a huge hit for Joan. Joan was quoted in saying, " If there is ever a "Joan Crawford' retrospective, I hope they show this movie." Unfortunalty, that wasn't the case. The movie also featured some of the best outfits ever to grace the big screen. Costumes by Adrian were just stunning and Joan wore the clothes so beautifully. Joan also had two other huge credits to her career that year. Rain, which was critically acclaimed and way ahead of its time was made that year and the Oscar-winning Grand Hotel was also released in 1932.

Below: A collection of photos from the movie~"Letty Lynton."


Above: Joan gives "good face" playing the stunning "Letty Lynton."


Above: Joan Crawford with co-star Robert Montgomery.


Above: Joan Crawford in the famous dress that made the fashion designer Adrian a star.


Above: Joan Crawford with co-star Nils Asther.



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