Legendary Joan Crawford

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"I was born in front of the camera and really don't know anything else."

~Joan Crawford~

Joan Crawford appeared in over 85 movies and her career lasted for six decades. She had one of the longest careers in Hollywood and was named by the American Film Institute as one of the top ten female actresses of all time. She was nominated for three academy awards and she won an Oscar in 1945 for the film "Mildred Pierce."


~Joan Crawford in her Oscar winning role, "Mildred Pierce."~

~The Films of Joan Crawford~


~Wallace Beery and Joan Crawford flirting on the set of "Grand Hotel".~

~My Top Ten Favorite Joan Crawford Movies~


~Richard Nichols & Joan Crawford in " A Woman's Face."~

1. Mildred Pierce- Just perfect from beginning to end. Great film, cast and story. Crawford's peak.

2. A Woman's Face- Joan should have at least been nominated for an Oscar for this amazing role. This was really a prelude of great parts to come.

3. Rain-Although it was a bomb at the box office and Joan's least favorite film, it is credited as one of the best early films. This movie was way ahead of its time.

4.Grand Hotel-They don't make movies like this anymore!!! Joan stole this movie from Garbo. Her acting, style and beauty out-did Garbo in this Best Picture of 1932.

5. The Women-This was a comeback role for Joan, it is the first role where she played a bitch and it worked. Although Rosiland Russell stole this picture, Joan had the best catty one-liners.

6.Sudden Fear-A classic film noir! Great story and intense acting. She won an academy award nomination for her role as Myra Hudson.

7.Letty Lynton- I am one of the few that have seen and own this ultra rare gem! It's a shame this movie isn't available; it showcases some of the most amazing gowns and displays Joan at the height of her beauty. Amazing film!

8. What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?- A comeback role for her and her co-star/rival Bette Davis. Great movie by both screen queens!

9. Paid- Another rare movie that I have had the pleasure of seeing. This was one of Joan's first real meaty roles that was original slated for here MGM rival Norma Shearer. Great acting and story for this early piece of work by Joan.

10. Strange Cargo-To me this is Joan and Gable at there best. This was the last movie they did together and it was their best.

I will be highlighting a movie each month under "Movie Highlight of the month. I will devote a page to one of Joan's movies with a full synopsis of the movie and a review. Also I will include several photos from the movie as well. If you would like to recommend a movie please email me by going to the "Fan Club" page.


~Clark Gable & Joan Crawford in "Strange Cargo," their final film together.~

Mildred Pierce
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