Legendary Joan Crawford

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Above: An amazing photograph of Joan Crawford on the set of "Forsaking All Others."


"Forsaking All Others" 1934

Cast: Joan Crawford~Clark Gable~Robert Montgomery~Charles Butterworth~Billie Burke~Frances Drake~Rosalind Russell~Tom Rickets~Arthur Treacher~Greta Moyer.

Director: W.S. Van Dyke

Box Office Figures for "Forsaking All Others":

Cost: $392K ~ Domestic Studio Gross: $1,399m. ~ Foreign Studio Gross: $800K
Total: $2,199. / Profit: $1,132m.

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Reviewer: writerdonna7

Stars: Four

Review: "Forsaking All Others" is an absolute delight -- a fast-paced, genuinely funny romantic comedy with a great cast who all do well with the material, resulting in sprightly entertainment that ranks with the best of the 30's screwballs. Clark Gable as Jeff Williams, Robert Montgomery as Dillon Todd and Joan Crawford as Mary Clay are all childhood friends. When Williams returns from a trip to Spain, he is all gungho about proposing to Mary, whom he has loved since childhood. Unfortunately, he discovers that Mary is all set to marry Dil, whom she also has loved since childhood. This typical romantic triangle is very interesting here, due to the warmth of the main characters. Gable and Crawford are particularly delightful with that amazing chemistry that registers with such sizzling heat onscreen (and no doubt, off) (love when Joan sits in Clark's lap!) and the situations in which these characters find themselves make for great viewing. Crawford and Gable are both at their lightest and most charming here with Crawford outfitted in some of the wildest of Adrian designs. In one dress, weighed down with loops, it's a wonder her small frame was able to carry it, but she has fun playing with these appendages! (Her best outfit is a chic white suit with matching hat, hat worn at a rakish angle -- a good outfit for the pratfalls she would find herself taking!) The supporting cast is all delightful, including Billie Burke, Arthur Treacher, Charles Butterworth and even an early appearance of Rosalind Russell! The film was based on a stage play with Tallulah Bankhead -- it's always possible to tell the difference when a film has had a source in literature, the script sharper and more sparkling. In any case, we all know who Joan is going to wind up with, but it's fun seeing her get there! Lots and lots of glossy fun!!!




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