Legendary Joan Crawford

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Fashion Plate


~"Whenever I felt picked-on or some such bullshit, I thought about the girls in chorus on Broadway, who were a hell of a lot more beautiful than I was, but they were there and I was here."~ Joan Crawford


Whether you liked Joan Crawford or not there is no denying that she was probably on of the most influential stars on fashion of our time and possibly one of the first trendsetters. From the late 1920's to the 1940's Joan Crawford was the ultimate fashion plate to the female public and even the male public. In 1928, a fashion designer by the name of Adrian came to MGM and ruled over the fashion world on the big screen. He designed clothes for Greta Garbo, Norma Shearer and of course Joan Crawford. Over the 13 years that Adrian reigned at MGM as top designer, he dressed Joan in some of the most exquisite outfits to grace to silver screen. Joan Crawford and Adrian were really the first pairing of a major film star and a well-known fashion designer. They paved the way for the celebrities today that you see wearing such fashions as: Versace, Vera Wang and Calvin Klein. Adrain retired in 1941 and opened up a salon in Beverly Hills. When Joan Crawford won the 1945 Oscar for Mildred Pierce, Adrian came out of retirement to design the outfits for her next film, "Humoresque"(1946.) This page is dedicated to showing off Joan's many glamorous outfits; Adrian designed most below.



A very young Joan probably 1928, this is before Joan gets very glamorous. She has a beret style hat on; the dress is very casual and looks ultra soft.


What a coat! The fur and the leopard print is classic. I can imagine what this looks like in color! The flapper hat is classic deco period.


Another great deco flapper picture of Joan. She is working the fashion but she had not come into "her face" yet.


A very classic look here. Notice another hat! Hats were in vogue back then. You never see women wearing hats today.


Great photo. The silk/sateen dress is beautiful and the fur-lined jacket is timeless. This fashion could be worn today and it would still be in style. Notice Joan is also wearing much less makeup than she would wear in the future.


WOW! Joan really came into her face here. Her makeup had changed for the better. Her eyes are haunting in this photo. Look at the puffy sleeves on this Adrian dress. Great look.


Fur. Fur. Fur. Joan looks amazing draped in this stark white fur.


One of my all time favorite pictures of Joan. No one can touch her face in my opinion. The lacy ruffled top and the Greek key design she is leaning against add to the dramatic nature of the photo. Brilliant!


This is the most famous dress of the 1930's from the movie "Letty Lynton." The Adrian replica sold thousands across the world.


Another famous "Letty Lynton" dress, I prefer this one to the ruffles. This dress is in the opening scene of the movie. I would love to see this dress recreated today. This is my favorite design by Adrian.


Joan covered in several bows gives her a very pretty youthful look.


Joan in the mid-1930's posing next to plastic fruit. Not the most flattering dress for Joan but she could wear a burlap sack and make it look good, which she shows in this photo.


Breathtaking photo! Her look, pose and gown are all perfect. I love how this dress looks on her, shows off her curvy figure. Another beautifully designed gown by Adrian.


This is one of many pictures similar to this that were taken to promote the 1933 movie,"Dancing Lady." This gown was almost see-through. A very pretty and feminine look for Crawford. I love how you can see the fan off to the right of the photo.


Longer hair was very flattering on Joan. She had grown her hair out and showed off this look in the 1937 movie, "The Bride Wore Red." Joan is draped in large chunky jewelry adding to her glamorous look.


Great gown, I imagine this as a deep red dress. She wears this one perfectly and with her trademark favorite flower, gardenia.


A very dramatic lace covered Joan.


Joan looks like she is ready to take flight with the sporadic feathers on her back.


I always loved this look on Joan, it just shows she could have been bald and still looked beautiful.



Joan was pushing 50 in this picture and she could still pull off this ball gown look. Although this is not an Adrian design, Joan still wore this as well as ever.


Joan still looking glamorous as ever in her 60's and still wearing a fur that would make anyone take a second look.




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