Legendary Joan Crawford

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~Fan Club~


"My fans are life and death to me baby, they are the ones that really made me!"
~Joan Crawford~


~85 fan letters as of August 15th 2005.~

Joan Crawford adored her fans. She credited her fans for her success and fame. There has never been or is a star today that has been so devoted to their fans as Joan Crawford was. She would personally hand write/type letters to her fans, she would attend conventions thrown by her fan clubs, and she would sign autographs in crowds of fans until she signed the very last one. I personally have a signed letter that was typed and signed on December 31, 1931. That was New Year's Eve and Joan was at the height of her career and beauty. The letter was mailed from Culver City/MGM studios.

So this page is for the devoted fans young and old. What I love about the page is the opportunity to share my thoughts and passions with others. But I also like to hear what others think and to exchange ideas. I would love to hear from fans of Joan Crawford. I will post letters periodically on this page and I will also respond to them as well.

So this page is for the fans. Please email me your stories, your thoughts about the website, any information about Joan you would like to share. I look forward to hearing from other fans. I am sure Joan would have loved to have her own website and would appreciate this site that I have devoted to her.





Below is a comment form, please take the time to fill it out and express yourself about Joan and the website! Thank you!

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Favorite Joan Crawford Movie


Hi, My name is Scott Crawford I am Chris's son from his first marrage. Beautiful site. I am trying to make a family tree and have a problem. Why is it so hard to find out when Joan was born, I have tried Census Reports for San Antonio with no results. The different web site say 1904, 1906, and 1908.
No one seems to be real sure can you help?




Many many thanks for this marvelous site!
This is a big present for the New Year, to us and Joan,
who adored Christmas and she loved to give and receive presents. What a pity, Joan can't read it! I wish I could send
it to all people who don't know her or that have a
vicious impressionabout her!

Thank you! You are gorgeous!

Catherine (Athens, Greece)


Hi Neil,

Great site!

We will be screening MILDRED PIERCE (with a great 35mm print) at the historic Alex Theatre in
Glendale CA on February 26 at 2 & 8. Tickets are only 9.50/$8 senior and
kids ($7 for AFS members).

At 2pm, food historian and LA Times staff writer Charles Perry will
speak on stage about the history of restaurants in So Cal and also
why Mildred opened a waffles and chicken place.

At 8 pm we are doing a Joan Crawford look a like contest.

Our web site is at www.alexfilmsociety.org and we'd appreciate any help getting the word out to Joan's fans.

Happy New Year!


name: David

email: TuzaHu973@aol.com

LocationAge: Phoenix, Az

FavoriteJoanCrawfordMovie: Flamingo Road

comment: Great site. Many pictures I've yet to see before, and in such
great quality scan!!

I met Joan once. She didn't disappoint me. She'd be thrilled with
this tribute to her.


name: Danny Fortune

email: normandesmond@yahoo.com

LocationAge: San Francisco

FavoriteJoanCrawfordMovie: Mildred, Rain, Harriet Craig,

comment: There have been quite a few websites devoted to Crawford. This one is a welcome addition because it proves that her stardom has not diminished either with time or with all the bad publicity she got after her death. Joan Crawford was not only a "Star" but a compelling "Actress" who should be included all the other "greats".


name: Emanuel D. Verdecia

email: saratoga202@netzero.net

LocationAge: Los Angeles,California

FavoriteJoanCrawfordMovie: All I have seen!

comment: Terrific tribute, Mr. Maciejewski. Most of the pictures
reflect her eyes, which were very beautiful indeed, as was her face---perfect for the camera. Miss Craford was everything an actress could be rolled into one great package: glamour girl, leading lady, character actress and always The Star! Neither Hepburn nor Davis hold a candle to The Great Miss Joan Crawford. Congratulations on your site. I'm sure Miss
Crawford is pleased.


name: Patrick

email: Violentz3@aol.com

LocationAge: Boston/too old

FavoriteJoanCrawfordMovie: Grand Hotel, Mildred Pierce, A Woman's Face

comment: The site looks awesome! Lots of texture with all the photos and information! You can spend so much time just exploring!




AWESOME, GREAT, AND LONG OVER DUE,you are a young man who has worked very hard developing this great site, she was great person and you have provided a lot of very good info and pics I enjoyed looking at it, and hope you add to it, I would love it if you wrote a good and truthfull book about her, I also love Bette Davis.

kind regards veronica seddon united kingdom x


name: Jody

email: classicmovienut1@aol.com

LocationAge: Dayton Ohio/38

FavoriteJoanCrawfordMovie: Sudden Fear

comment: I haven't been able to talk about Joan Crawford. It is nice to know there is a web site for her and her fans. I really love her because she cared about her fans. She was one in a million.


name: Chad Edwards

email: lon745@webtv.net

LocationAge: Cleveland/24

FavoriteJoanCrawfordMovie: POSSESSED (1947)

comment: Hello, it's Chad from the Fabulous Faces club. Saw your post over there and being a Joan Crawford fan I thought I'd come over and take a look. I can tell you've put a lot of time and effort into the site. Also I'm very glad you chose Joan as your subject, for I don't think she gets the recognition she deserves. She's often overshadowed by her contemporaries Barbara Stanwyck and Bette Davis. Don't get me wrong I am also a fan of both of those ladies. All I'm saying is that I think Joan should have received the same recognition as they did. My absolute favorite Joan Crawford flick is the 1947 POSSESSED because I think it
features her most intense and convincing performance. She said in later years she worked harder on that film than on any other film she ever made and I think it shows. Like you I really became acquainted with Joan Crawford by watching MOMMIE DEAREST. I didn't really care for the movie (although Faye Dunaway was excellent), but it made me want to learn more about Crawford. That's one thing you can say for the movie - it has made a lot of people interested in Joan. I have no idea if she really was the abusive aloholic that her adopted daughter claimed she was,
but her work on the screen needs to be recognized for what it is -
great acting. Even in her lowest quality films (TROG comes to mind), Joan gave a first-rate performance. Hollywood will never be able to create another like her.


I just wanted to thank you for putting together such a great website for the one and only Queen of Hollywood.  I'm a huge Dietrich fan, but Crawford definitely outranked her as far as Hollywood Royalty goes. As I was reading your info about how you got into Joan Crawford in the first place, I was shocked because I had the exact same experience as you. I saw Mommie Dearest, and decided to read up on Joan, and watch her films.  The Women was my first and I loved it. The interesting thing is that I loved the Mommie Dearest movie when I first saw it.  I even had an original poster framed.  After learning more about Joan, I formed this bitter hatred for the Mommie Dearest Film, and the poster now resides in my basement, far from sight.  Crawford's reputation has been destroyed by that movie, and I am so glad there is another person out there who shows her the proper respect and admiration.  I'm 22, and nobody I know knows who Joan is outside of the whole, " NO wire hangers"  thing.  Hopefully, websites like yours will give people the opportunity to find out more about the real Joan, not the sick caricature Dunaway portrayed. Thanks again for such a fantastic website!




Dear Neil,

Thank you very much for sending me the link to your new site. The pictures especially are stunning, and I have not seen many of them before. It is a very comprehensive site, you should be most proud of yourself.

Thanks again,



This site is really great - the photos are fantastic!

Incidentally, on the Photo Gallery page, there is a photo of Joan in her new Brentwood home, with two portraits hanging in the background - I don't know what became of the Fairbanks portrait, but the portrait of Joan, along with one other that I saw, are now owned by Ted Turner -



Neil, hi...

Just took a quick tour of your website.  It is truly beautiful!   I love it.  I have maintained a site for my favorite actor for the past year... well, we're coming up on the year's anniversary pretty soon.  It has been a lot of fun getting the site up and running.   With all the research that I've been doing this past year about Ty Power and all his co-stars, I have learned a tremendous amount about old movies, the studio system, and the actors.  My husband is amazed at how much I've learned.  He use to be the old movie watcher, and he's so happy that I've joined him in the love of old movies.

 When you get a few moments, please take a tour of my site.

:-) Lyn




What a great site.  She sure was a beauty in her early films.



Dear Neil,

Your site is simply stunning. I love the pictures of Joan later in her life. Simply an amazing tribute.

Best Wishes
Sam Greenhill


Hi, Neil. Terrific site. Many wonderful photos I've never seen before. My book, JAZZ BABY -- about JC's early life, was optioned for production as a TV movie, and dropped, and also as a musical, and also dropped. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and started a play it is a modest first step getting Joan off the printed page. It's a one-woman show with telephone voices, that runs about an hour -- just the right size and shape for a little play touring libraries and small theatres.

David Houston


Dear Neil,
You're Crawford website is FANTASTIC: by far the best Joan Crawford website on the net. You've done a fantastic job.
Have you read the book JOAN CRAWFORD:THE ULTIMATE STAR by Alexander Walker? It's one of my favorite books on Joan.I'm going to recommend your site to all of my film-buff friends.



Hi Neil

Just visited your site- Congratulations- it's gives some fascinating
insight on Joan Crawford.

Keep up the beaitful website- I'll be returning to it soon.


Hi Neil,
Just wanted to say congrats on a most wonderful site on darling Joan!
I'll make sure to mention your site on my Norma Shearer board.
From somewhere up there Mrs. Tone is hollering down "hello and thank you"
to you, probably accidentally smearing the clouds with red lipstick...  




Just wanted to say congrats on a most wonderful site on darling Joan! I'll make sure to mention your site on my Norma Shearer board. From somewhere up there Mrs. Tone is &hollering down "hello and thank you" to you, probably accidentally smearing the clouds with red lipstick...


name: Septimber Jones

email: jonesells@hotmail.com

LocationAge: 24

FavoriteJoanCrawfordMovie: 1930's Possessed
comment: Hey love your site.Keep up the good work I will come back to visit from time to time.I am a big Crawford fan I think she is the ultimate movie star.I also think there is no other like her.I love all her movies and I am constantly looking for info on her life and filmcareer.Thanks.Jonesells


Someone alerted me to this website, and I must say, it's absolutely gorgeous. How did you make such incredibly beautiful scans?! Not to mention the fact that you have gone out of your way to find rare, previously unseen (or at least mass-produced) photos. As a film historian, though, I have one TINY correction to make: the photo of JC with the black cat in the gallery section was taken on the set of Forsaking All Others, not Sadie McKee. A minor point to be sure. Congrats on a beautiful site! Howard


Hey Neil,

I hate to sound like a broken record but the others were right, your site is great! I've been a hardcore J.C. fan for years and I still managed to find quite a few facts about her that I had never heard before. There were also lots of rare pics that I had never seen before. (I thought that I had seen them all). The second pic in the "Clothes Horse" section of your site is the most beatiful image of the 1930's Joan that I've ever seen! Thanks so much for sharing. Rod


name: Roy Windham


LocationAge: West Hollywood / 42

FavoriteJoanCrawfordMovie: Mildred Pierce/Rain/Straight Jacket

comment: Now I know why Joan loved her fans so much. She would be truly
honored at such a lovely tribute. Thank you!



dear neil-   thank you so much for sending me the link to your new joan website, you honestly made my night, and let me tell you why. i find myself almost alone in my adoration and great respect for my goddess joan. you are so right about how "mommie dearest" stained her image and it sickens me. i remember when i was a kid and the movie was playing on HBO and watching it over and over.later on, as an adult, i decided to explore this joan crawford woman starting with "whatever happened to  baby jane" and "a woman's face" needless to say i fell in love. the rest is history, i have a vast collection of signed letters, photographs and movies. i also have probably every book written on joan and consider myself to be somewhat of an athority figure as well as an avenger of her and her image. i don't know why but she fascinates me and the "crawford face" of the 1930's is the most stunning face i have ever seen. the reason i am sending this email to thank you for the glorious site you have created and by far the most exquisite i have seen.    



name: Jimmy Helberg

email: jhhpro@comcast.net

LocationAge: Michigan/Thirtysomething

FavoriteJoanCrawfordMovie: "The Women", "Mildred Pierce", "Whatever Happen To Baby Jane?"

comment: This site is amazing! A very respectful tribute to a truly
great actress and movie star!Thank you for sharing your thoughts and photo collection with us. The time, effort, and content put into this site is impressive! Miss Crawford would be flattered. :o)


Hello there, Neil:

I found your site while I was looking for DVD's on Amazon.com. Looks great,!! I do appreciate your site. It just amazes me how disrespectful folks are about Joan, not to mention other old-school celebrities. It's a shame, for example, that she never gave herself the credit she deserved for "Rain". She should have won more than one Oscar, and gotten more nominations of course- but, oh, well.

Jeff/in Chicago




Hey there!
   Just thought I'd send you send you a note letting you know I enjoyed your  Joan Crawford website. I loved the photos. I'm a fan also I guess you could say, I have "Mildred Pierce" and "The Women" on VHS tape. LOVE "The Women" especially!!  I love the fact that everything in the film is female, even the photographs and the animals!
   I saw "Mommie Dearest" the movie, definitely campy, and I agree with you, I don't really think in the end, whomever was responsible for that film meant for it to be taken seriously. I'm in the process of having two of Joan's "autobiographies" searched for and I'm planning on ordering them when and if they are found. I've rented both at my local public library and LOVE them.
   Something that would be a cool addition to your site, and I always enjoy looking at are interior shots of Joan's North Bristol home in CA and her various apts. in NY. I've seen pics of these before, but new or different ones would be awesome with detailed descriptions. She seemed to have some changing and unusual tastes.
 Anyway, thanks for reading,


Hello Neil,

I came upon your website devoted to Joan Crawford and I had to email you and let you know I too have become a BIG fan of Joan Crawford in the last few years. She was a beautiful (not in the Grace Kelly "All American" mode but more in a classy stylize way) but she also had talent (more than Miss Kelly) that has stood up to the test of time. I used to be a BIG Bette Davis fan but after Turner Classic Movies did a whole month of Joan Crawford's films a few years ago (I loved the promo...many scenes from
Humoresque and that music made it fantastic) I decided I enjoyed JC films more. Bette Davis should have kissed JC ass during the filming of "Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte." My goal is to see as many of JC films as possible. I have some of her films on tape or DVD but many are hard or impossible to find.

Take care, Stephen


Thanks for the great site. I like Joan Crawford a lot myself; the
power, the beauty...and yes a little bit of a scary edge that makes her even better! "Mildred Peirce" is a classic, and "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane" is so much fun. I was lucky to be introduced to these by a freind a few years older than me, and he probably learned about them the same way.
Another thing: you're something of a glamorous cutie youself!
Randy in Seattle


Very nice!
Definitely some very rare photographs not typically seen of her! Quite a glamorous switch from the one someone sent me to peruse of her "later" stuff recently!


The site is great, and I do mean great because all of the high
quality photos, which mean a lot to me. I too am a big fan of Ms
Crawford though I haven't ripped through the catalogue yet since Idiscovered her as the stenographer, and I thought she had somethingother actresses didn't don't. Nice job on the site.



name: Lisa

email: luckygrrlz@yahoo.com

LocationAge: PDX


comment: Nice site...really well done. I have a pic that Joan sent to my mother. She is one of the stars that actually signed her fan
pictures. It appears to be taken later in her career circa scary "Mommy Dearest" black eyebrows.Anyway, that picture has always been my visual frame of reference for her. Until, that is, I saw your website. She was blonde and beautiful..the scary black eyebrow thing wasn't really her persona after all.




Hello, I've just checked out your new JC website and
I love it!! You have so many great pictures. She was
truly fabulous, and I think even more glamorous than
most of her contemporaries. This is one of the best
sites I've seen to date. I've been a fan since my
college days, when a friend had me watch Harriet
Craig. My first film with her, up to then I had only
seen Mommie Dearest and all I knew was no wire
hangers. I defend Joan, it's amazing how Christina
has given Joan a horrible reputation. How vindictive.
Thanks for sending me this, can't wait for more!
Tim, Ann Arbor, MI


name: Gilda Hanchey

email: Jurassicblonde@AOL.com

LocationAge: Asheville, NC, US. Age? LOL

FavoriteJoanCrawfordMovie: Humoresque

comment: I think that you have done a wonderful job on this site. I
have loved Joan ever since she first answered a fan letter of mine when I was eighth grade. I have five letters from her. Keep up the GREAT work! Gilda


    I just looked over your site about Joan Crawford. I thought it was very well done, good job! I think it is a travesty that the only thing people know about her is Mommie Dearest.  I have liked her for a long time as well.  I really became interested in her when I was doing some family research and found out that I am actually related to her.  Apparently, my Mom's father is related to her through his Terry side of the family.  From what I was able to come up with I believe her grandmother and one of my great great great grandfather were probably brother and sister...I was kinda shocked finding that all out...
    Thanks for doing a cool site on Joan...


I came across your site and had to let you know some information about many of the dresses that she is wearing in your photos and in others as well.  I'll start of by saying she was a beautiful woman.  Very classy and elegant.  I was never a huge Joan fan but my family is linked with her.  No it's nothing crazy or anything like that.  My father's Great Uncle, so is Aunt's brother was a famous designer back in her time period named Adrian.  My father and I both have sketches that he made with designs of dresses.  I had a dress that he had given my mother and we donated it to the Boston Museum of fine arts.  Anyway if you look up Adrian and with some research you may find other striking dresses that she may have worn in movies, balls, and any other nice occasion you can think of.  Adrian was THE fashion designer back then. Great site.. well done

Anyway, just a tidbit I thought you might be interested in.



I just loved the Joan Crawford page you have set up. Excellent work that I was totally overcome by, keep up the great work!

Greetings from Australia



About the Letty Lynton DVD contest...

Hi ,
Just to tantalize all of you who are in the running and haven't seen this film... I managed to get my own copy of 'Letty Lynton' late lastyear and must've watched it 4-5 times since.  I really think this isone of Joan's best films of the 30's, with a performance that outdoes anything she had done previously (including my favourite Crawford/Gable, 'Possessed' AND 'Grand Hotel').  Because hardly anybody has seen it, the costumes seem to be what the film is chiefly remembered for - and they are spectacular, with Joan looking more glamorous than Garbo or Shearer, Adrain really at his peak - but this is far removed from one of Joan's 'clothes horse' films (ie: 'No More Ladies').  It is at turns sad, exciting and dramatic, with real suspense and some marvelous Crawford moments. Turner Entertainment needs to do something with this forgotten classic - sort out the legal issues, restore the film and release it on DVD as the 'lost' Joan Crawford film.  It'd sell by the truckload, I reckon.  Good luck in the competition, everybody. The winner is in for a real treat.



Hello Neil,
Just wanted to drop you a line to let  you know I think the contest is great, a really fun idea !!


Thanks for having this contest! I entered earlier today and I'm
POSITIVE I got all the trivia questions right.


Oh, I'd love to have a copy of Letty Lynton -

But first I'm going to download all the great pics you have of Joan...



name: Kae-Leah Williamson

email: kaeleahwilliamson@yahoo.com

LocationAge: United States-17 years old

FavoriteJoanCrawfordMovie: Mildred Pierce comment: Joan Crawford was a beautiful, talented actress that never gets the credit she deserves. Most people my age have heard of Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn, and sometimes Bette Davis and Greta Garbo, but not Joan Crawford. It's so unfair. Joan Crawford totally rocks!!!!




name: Roland H.

email: rhui@canada.com

LocationAge: California

FavoriteJoanCrawfordMovie: Possessed (1931)

comment: Hi Neil - great site! Keep up the good work.


Neil- I seriously enjoyed looking at your Joan Crawford website today.  WOW--she was gorgeous and a flawless beauty to use your words. I checked out your website as background information for a book that I am reading by none other than Elliott Roosevelt (son of Franklin and Eleanor). He wrote mysteries called the First Lady Mysteries in which his mother is featured--and there is always a murder. In the third mystery of the series "Murder at Hobcaw Barony", Joan Crawford is one of the "suspects". You should check it out.

I will be checking back in with you and checking out your site.
Your website is truly impressive.



Neil - I just submitted an entry for your Letty Lynton contest, but since there's no place on the entry form for a message, I wanted to email to tell you what an absolutely terrific job you did on your site. The information is great, the photos are eyepoping, but the overall look of the site is so elegant and tasteful - ( the layout, the borders on the photos, even the type fonts) - you've created a perfect vehicle to present your look into the life and career of Joan Crawford.

Tim N.


Neil, your site is fantastic. I really enjoyed it and will keep visiting.


Hi Neil- Your website is superb. Nathan


Hey, Neil. I looked at your Joan website - it's great. I'm so glad to
see that younger people are discovering Joan the actress and learning that there's much more to her than the caricature pictured in "Mommie Dearest." I was born in 1951 and have been a fan of Joan's since I first saw her old movies on tv in the 60's. I lived in San Francisco from 1976 to 1991 -- back in the 70's-early 80's (before videotape) there still existed movie houses that showed movies from the "golden age" of Hollywood. I frequented all of them, two in particular: the Richelie and the Gateway, where I first saw Joan's movies on a theater screen.The Castro Theater, an old movie palace, was restored and started showing old movies. I remember an occasion there when MILDRED PIERCE was on-screen --the theater was filled and it was great to experience the movie with all the reactions of an appreciative live audience. A few years after that, SUDDEN FEAR was revived at the Castro Theater after being out of circulation for years, and that was also a gala, fun event. LETTY LYNTON has been a movie that I've wanted to see all my life and I am very much looking forward to that prospect.Thanks for the excellent Joan website. Great picture of you, too, by the way. - Clint




name: Brad Bourland

email: bourlandwbb@yahoo.com

comment: This is a superb site and Miss Crawford deserves it. I have just finished The Movie List, and I assure you, she gets her due on it. She probably has in excess of 20 films on the list.


name: Donna

email: writerdonna7@hotmail.com

LocationAge: New York City

FavoriteJoanCrawfordMovie: Rain, A Woman's Face, Possessed (1947),
Sudden Fear, Mildred Pierce, The Women, others

comment: I love this website!!!! It's so elegant and beautifully put
together with stunning photographs. I love your comments on "Rain" which I whole-heartedly agree with. I feel it's a tragedy so many people only know Crawford from "Baby Jane" or "Mommie Dearest" or even only "Mildred Pierce" (however great a film) but checking out her early work is essential to appreciating her legend as an actress, beauty and screen icon. She truly had extraordinary elan and an amazing face -- in the 20's, 30's and 40's especially, you see those huge, expressive, doe-eyes;
that slouching, elegant body that wore clothes like nobody's business; and always -- the amazing spirit and intelligence, the strength, the glamour. She had so many shades an as actress. Like so many actresses, however, she was railroaded by Hollywood if she "took risks" that didn't go over well with audiences and as she grew older, forced into those Grand Guignol roles, but she put up a great fight. What an extraordinary woman. Please -- Joan fans, do write to me as well. I love
discussing Joan! Thank you, thank you for this website!




name: Caileigh

email: dazzling_goddess87@yahoo.com

comment: AWESOME site!!! I was just wondering if I could use the moving "Legendary" banner in my livejournal layout? I would so credit you-I don't wanna be selfish and just steal it :)


I just spent some time on your web site. Great job! I am a Crawford fan too and fell into this in my 30's much like you. Again, great job!

Sam Pruett
Chicago, IL


name: Andrea K

email: akulish@arn.com

comment: Lovely site!

Looks like a lot of work went into it. Thanks to you I just put "Mildred Pierce" on my Netflix list. I love old movies but haven't seen anything w/ Joan Crawford that I recall.
Thanks! :)


name: Jessica

email: fairiegoth524@aol.com

LocationAge: Massachusetts/ 19

FavoriteJoanCrawfordMovie: Possessed (1947)

comment: Hi there, I found this website as a link from another Joan site, and I must say it's the best Joan-devoted site that I've seen yet! So many gorgeous photos- several I've never seen before- and I love how you have quotes with the pictures. Keep up the good work! I shall definitely be bookmarking this site.


name: Hayden

email: headphonealone@hotmail.com

comment: Your site is stunning and elegant...much like our beloved Joan. You've done her proud.


Hi again, Neil,
    I was browsing through your site and saw your picture. You have the looks that you could be related to Miss Joan Crawford. You have her eye color, the noble brow, the facial bone structure. Of course I mean this as a total compliment. One doesn't know how someone might react when they are told they look like someone, especially the difference between genders.
    I was fooling around with my cut and paste program and made this picture of Miss Joan and me. It's not very good but I had fun trying. I think I'm getting better at it. It would have been great to be Miss Joan's leading man, if only in the fansty of it.

Take care.
Best wishes,


name: Arthur

email: Hidden_Shadow_S@yahoo.com

comment: I Love you!! well, your site anyway ;D its amazing!
I've seen a lot of Joan sites and I must say this is one of, if not The
best site out there.And I like that there's so many detailed bio sections and photo's, it really makes the site stand out =)


name: Jeff Davidson

email: jd497us@yahoo.com

LocationAge: Oklahoma / 40

FavoriteJoanCrawfordMovie: Mildred Pierce & Della

comment: Hi there! I love your new website for Hollywood Legend Joan Crawford! Is there any way I could get a copy of Letty Lyndon? I have been looking for this movie for a long time.
Thank You!



Hi -
I just discovered your beautiful Joan Crawford website and am STUNNED!  It's fantastic and wonderful. Thank you for taking the time to create this much-needed website. The photos are incredible.  To me, Joan Crawford was the great beauty of all time (and I mean ALL time as in history!) as well as a superb actress.  I'm a huge fan.
Thank you


name: Nancy Hagensick

email: nh1421@spiritone.com

comment: This is a beautifully put together website! I am hoping that you may be able to help me. I am looking for information on a cape that I have had in my possession since the 70's which supposedly was worn by Joan Crawford in one of her movies. It is a deep blue wool with a cream and gold embroidered capelet over the shoulders. It is 45 inches long, and had a big 3" button with a crescent moon holding it closed at the throat. I would be happy to email a photo of the cape if you would be willing to help me with my research. Thank you very much!


name: Mike

email: jjlrodriguez@aol.com

LocationAge: Paterson, NJ/35

FavoriteJoanCrawfordMovie: Rain,The Women,Whatever Happened To Baby

comment: Great website, keep up the good work. Glad to see so many Joan fans.


Neil, first of all, I looked at your site again and gosh, I absolutely love those photos that flash across the screen where the Legendary logo is.  So many terrific Joan pictures, pictures that really are my favorites of Joan and capture her so well, that Joan we love.  The planes of her face always get to me!!!


name: Jessica Gutierrez

email: jess28@mail.utexas.edu

comment: Your site is awesome! It's great to know that Joan Crawford still has such great fans.


ame: tracy james

email: collegegirl5151974@yahoo.com

LocationAge: ny 30

FavoriteJoanCrawfordMovie: a womans face

comment: i'm a huge fan .love the pictures on here.




name: tb

email: thatgir2k4@yahoo.com

comment: great site. it would be wonderul if you could do on one of my faves, vivien leigh.



Kudos to you on your great website: it's one of the best I have
ever seen!! Joan would be so proud!!! Incidentally, here in Atlanta, the western channel has been showing JOHNNY GUITAR. Joan was still looking stunning at age 50!!! Thanks for sharing your Joan site with all of us!!!



name: Brent Anthony Egan

email: baegan2003@yahoo.com.au

LocationAge: Sydney,AUSTRALIA.. Aged 44

FavoriteJoanCrawfordMovie: Torch Song

comment: Dear Neil,
May I say that this is the most extraordinary coverage of Joan's life I have ever seen. I have loved her movies ever since I was a child, and it is not doing you justice just saying that you have done a good job. Your work is marvellous. I think you should start your own fan club also from the look of your photo!

All the best!
Brent Egan


name: Ralph

email: ralmj@webtv.net

comment: Fantastic site Neil! Professionally done!



Good afternoon Neil,

I just received the copy of Letty Lynton. I don't
believe I have ever seen the film. You have made my

Again, kudos to your website! The images are amazing
and the information is extensive.

Thanks again for the wonderful film.

Take care.

Casey LaLonde


name: Neily Sansaball

email: neilysansaball@yahoo.com



comment: Hello, I am Joan's long-lost grandson Neily Sansaball. Yer site is beautiful and elegant. Just like ME!


name: Darren Hoffmann

email: dshoffmann@hotmail.com

comment: Dude, phenomenal site. I was just screwing around looking for a new wallpaper for my laptop and was totally blown away by the great photos you've got here. I think you really got what I love about Joan and all of her movies. There's just something about her face and her presence on film. Thanks for taking the time to put this together. I think we would totally be friends in real life.


name: Lon Cross

email: LonRCross@aol.com

comment: I'm really enjoying your fantastic website. Especially the photo galleries. I don't base my opinion of stars on what happened in their private lives, but rather what happened on the big screen. Besides everyone's favorite Crawford picture, "Mildred Piece," my two other favorites are "Humoreque" and "Sudden Fear." I think I've seen all of her movies from the 1940s on, but after looking at your Photo Galleries, I would like to see more of her work during the 1930s. (I have seen "Grand Hotel" and "Rain.") I think her biggest mistake was turning down the
role of Karen in "From Here to Eternity." It would have done wonders for her career at that point, and she would have been great in one of the greatest films of the 1950s.


name: albert tankersley

email: tankiii@msn.com

comment: Wonderful..one of the best sites and done with such class!


name: carly gillam

email: babyc22_5@hotmail.com

LocationAge: hove england

FavoriteJoanCrawfordMovie: johnny guitar

comment: i think this web site is a great tribute to joan . i am a
huge fan of joan and have been forages . my first crawford film i saw was johnny guitar and i really enjoyed it .


Dear Neil,

just wanted to take time to congratulate you on the beautiful Joan
Crawford site. The pictures are stunning.Have been lucky enough to see a few of her movies on the big screen recently at the National Film Theatre here in London. The other month they
showed Daisy Kenyon, which I had never seen before. She looked amazing in it, and the acting was superb.

Anyway, thank you again. Good to know her work is still appreciated.

Jonathan Bird


Hey There!
I just got done looking over your site and all I have to say is WOW! Very well put together, and some of those pics are gorgeous. I am a Crawford fan myself and really enjoyed your site. Your quite a looker yourself too : ) Thanks for the view!
Joanie Fan,




name: Dee

email: Dippy2160@yahoo.com

comment: Its great i loved it!


name: Melanie Dodd

email: melaniedodd2003@yahoo.com

comment: I think I have spent more time on this site than I have on any other site on the web!!! I love the captions under the photos and I am so glad someone put a site on the web that focuses on the beauty and genius of Joan Crawford and not the "other" side she is remembered for. Thanks to those like yourself, she is starting to be remembered for who she was and not who she was made out to be!!!
Thanks ever so much!!!!

Melanie Dodd


ame: Lori Jill Shirley

email: day_glo_diva@yahoo.com

comment: Hi! I just wanted to say you have created a FANTASTIC site dedicated to the wonderful Joan! I had so much fun looking at all of the glamourous pics and reading all the trivia! You have done such an outstanding job! As for myself, I am 26 years old and have been a classic movie nut since I was in the 6th grade. Like you (and many kids of my generation) I initially discovered Joan thru 'Mommie Dearest' (but I wasn't buying it) and eventually I discovered the REAL Joan who was hard working, determined, and ambitious who made herself into one of the great icons of the 20th Century. Oh btw, Joan and I share the same birthday
(March 23rd) and I always love how Turner Classic movies shows her movies all day long on my (and her) special day! Take Care!



name: Jack

email: Brittan72@yahoo.com

comment: Wonderful site. Joan would be flattered! great pics!


name: bryan scott

email: bscott9146@yahoo.com

comment: I really like your site, the pics are very high quality,
something lacking on other JC sites. I love the animated Legendary JC banner on the front page. As of this writing I still haven't viewed your entire site, but I will. :)Also, I'm not crazy about those yahoo message boards about JC, why don't you start a user friendly message board that can be linked from your
site? There are many free message board sites that would be suitable & you seem to be creative.


name: carly

email: babyc22_5@hotmail.com

LocationAge: brighton /united kingdom

FavoriteJoanCrawfordMovie: whatever happend to baby jane ?

comment: i just wanna say that your site is the best crawford site i
have been on so far and i have enjoyed looking at teh photos and
everything on here .great job luv carly


name: Shauna Grant

email: shaunagrant1963@yahoo.com

comment: Simply Awesome!





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