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On this page I am going to track the progress of Michelle Vogel and my forthcoming book, Joan Crawford: An Illustrated Guide to Her Appearances on Film, Radio and Television. I will use this page to post book reviews, websites featuring the book and other interesting facts about the book. Enjoy!

Book Description

Joan Crawford: An Illustrated Guide to Her Appearances in Film, Radio and Television

Michelle Vogel & Neil Maciejewski
Foreword by Casey LaLonde
120 photographs, filmography, bibliography, index hardcover (7 x 10) 2007


Born March 23, 1904, in San Antonio, Texas, Joan Crawford began life as Lucille Fay LeSueur. Abandoned by her father and mistreated by her mother, Crawford was determined from an early age to succeed in the world of acting. While her early attempts did little to make her a star, her determination and perseverance paid off as she became one of Hollywood's legends.

Focusing on a career which spanned six decades and more than 80 movies, this volume is the definitive reference guide to Joan Crawford's life and show business career. It explores her introduction to show business through her step-father's opera house, her initial work as a dancer under stage name Billie Cassin and her eventual 1925 entry on to the silver screen. It follows Crawford through her marriages to Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Franchot Tone, Phillip Terry and Alfred Steele. Crawford's work with a number of big-name actors including Clark Gable, Fred Astaire, Spencer Tracy and Henry Fonda as well as her relationship with studio giants MGM and Warner Bros. are also discussed. A complete filmography provides details starting with Lady of the Night in 1925 through Trog, released in 1970. Never-before-seen photographs including rare candids and behind-the-scene shots accompany Joan Crawford's amazing story.

About the Authors

Film historian Michelle Vogel is the author of Olive Thomas (2007), Marjorie Main (2006), Children of Hollywood (2005) and Gene Tierney (2005). She lives in Brooklyn, New York. Joan Crawford Film historian Neil Maciejewski lives in San Francisco, California. Casey LaLonde is Joan Crawford's grandson and lives in Pennsylvania.



Author's Notes

February 9th 2006

As most of you already know, the Joan Crawford book: Joan Crawford: An Illustrated Guide to Her Appearances on Film, Television and Radio, will not be published this spring. Creative differences with the publisher caused us to part ways, but this is all for the best. Here are some reasons why this is good news:

1. The title of the book was too damn long and I was getting sick of typing it!:-)

2. The book will include more rare and never before seen photos!

3. Casey LaLonde will be more involved with the book and it's getting the family blessing.

4. There will be more interesting content in the book and some surprises as well.

5. The book will most likely be released at the end of the year or early 2008 and this will coincide with a HUGE project that Casey, Michelle and I have underway!!

Stay tuned for more details and more updates on the Joan book and other related projects.

January 25 2007

Michelle and I were asked to do an interview for The Midnight Palace Website. It's a fantastic website that revisits old movies - both classics and obscure films. Gary, the Webmaster, asked Michelle and I some really great in depth questions about the book and Joan Crawford in general. The full interview is now posted to this impressive website. The interview can be viewed by clicking the link or the photo below.


Click on the above photo to view the full interview

January 24 2007

I am so excited over the upcoming book Joan Crawford: An Illustrated Guide to Her Appearances on Film, Radio and Television. Michelle, Casey and I really worked hard on this book and soon everyone will see all the hard work! This book will essentially be the "Joan Crawford bible." It will have all of her films described in detail with interesting facts and trivia about each of her 80+movies. Some of the movies also have comments and notes from Joan Crawford's grandson, Casey LaLonde. Casey also provides a very thoughtful foreward to the book. Also, this book will have all of Joan's television and radio performances featured as well. An accurate and direct biography on Joan is leads off the book. The icing on the cake are the 120 photographs that are included. The photographs in this book will not be your typical Joan Crawford glamour shots. The pictures are of Joan as Joan. On the set of her movies are what the majority of these photos are. Many of these photos have never been in print and some have never even been seen. The fans are in for a real treat.

I was really worried about how the cover was going to turn out for the upcoming book. I think I drove Michelle crazy with asking her a million times, "Do you think they will pick one of the covers I suggested?" When the cover was announced last month, I couldn't have been happier with it. It actually was not one of the covers that I had suggested. The final cover shot for the book was lifted off of the promo card that was designed to promote the book in 2006. Below are three of the cover options that didn't get chosen for the cover of the book. I love these three options below, but it would have been a very dark cover and very "cookie-cutter" to what most of the other covers have been for other Joan Crawford books. The cover for Joan Crawford: An Illustrated Guide to Her Appearances on Film, Radio and Television, is very bright and it catches your eye.

Posters will become available soon of the book cover and there are some other great "ideas" currently in the works. This is going to be a great year for Joan Crawford fans!


Above: This cover option was my least favorite, but I love the photo of Joan.


Above: An amazing close-up of Joan. Although I love this photograph, it does project a sense of sadness.


Above: This was my recommneded option for the cover.

Websites Featuring the Book


Click on the above image to see the book featured on the Barnes & Noble Website


Click on the above image to see the book featured on Turner Classic Movies Website


Click on the above image to see the book featured on The Midnight Palace Website


Click on the above image to see the book featured on amazon.com


Click on the above image to see the book featured on Kinokuniya Book Club


Coming Soon.....



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