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"Nothing was right about "This Woman is Dangerous," a shoddy story,
a cliche script and no direction to speak of." ~ Joan Crawford


"This Woman is Dangerous" 1952

Cast: Joan Crawford ~Dennis Morgan~David Brian~Richard Webb~Mari Aldon~Philip Carey~Ian MacDonald~Katherine Warren~George Chandler~William Challee~Sherry Jackson~Stuart Randall~Douglas Fowley.

Director: Felix Feist

Producer: Robert Sisk

Costumes by Shelia O'Brien

Box Office Figures for "This Woman is Dangerous":

Top Grossing Film Position: Film did not rank.

Gross Rentals: less than $1,000,000.

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Reviewer, Danny Fortune, says...

The first time I saw "This Woman Is Dangerous," I didn't like it and dismissed it as a boring waste of time. But on second viewing, I didn't think it was so bad, as long as you accept it for what it is: a cheap knock-off of Joan Crawford's previous Warner Bros. melodramas of love and crime. Although it doesn't have the punch of "The Damned Don't Cry" or the tawdriness of "Flamingo Road," it does have a hard-boiled Joan who wears some nice clothes and gets to snarl dialog like, "Tell your adorable little brother to mind his manners before I slap his face!"

The storyline is not very believable and the director, Felix Feist, is no Vincent Sherman or Michael Curtiz. But this time Joan plays a gangster's moll who is slowly going blind, then has a change of heart when she is successfully treated by a handsome young doctor. Once again Joan is teamed with David Brian as the tough-talking gangster. But this time she falls for cutie-pie Dennis Morgan, who plays the sympathetic eye surgeon.

Of course all this psychological hodge-podge is a metaphor symbolizing how Joan's character's vision was blurry when she led a life of crime, then cleared up when her vision was restored. This was Crawford's last film under her Warner Bros. contract. She apparently had to take whatever junk they threw at her during this time. Just like what happened in her last years at MGM. But to be fair, this film has some good moments, like watching Joan go temporarily blind and reform her life. And we get to see her bond with a precocious little girl who's not near as bratty as Veda OR Christina. But just don't have any high expectations.

However, it does have one of the best titles I've ever heard of: "THIS WOMAN IS DANGEROUS." And she probably was.