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"I'm proud to say I sort of walked off with the film. I had all the balls."
~Joan Crawford on "The Best of Everything."


"The Best of Everything" 1959

Cast: Hope Lange~Stephen Boyd~Suzy Parker~Martha Hyer~Diane Baker~Brian Aherne~Robert Evans~Brett Halsey~Donald Harron~Sue Carson~Linda Hutchings~Lionel Kane~Ted Otis~June Blair~Myrna Hansen~Alena Murray~Rachel Stephens~Julie Payne~Louis Jourdan and Joan Crawford as Amanda Farrow.

Director: Jean Negulesco

Producer: Jerry Wald

Costumes by Adele Palmer

Box Office Figures for "The Best of Everything":

Top Grossing Film Position: Film did not rank.

Gross Rentals: less than $1,000,000.

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