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"I went to George Cukor a little hysterical, I didn't understand who I was playing." ~ Joan Crawford on her character in "Susan and God."

"Susan and God" 1940

Cast: Joan Crawford~Fredric March~Ruth Hussey~John Carroll~Rita Hayworth~Nigel Bruce~Bruce Cabot~Rita Quigley~Rose Hobart~Constance Collier~Gloria DeHaven~Richard O. Crane~Norman Mitchell~Marjorie Main.

Director: George Cukor

Costumes by Adrian

Box Office Figures for "Susan and God":

Cost: $N/A ~ Domestic Studio Gross: $N/A ~ Foreign Studio Gross: $N/A
Total: $N/A / Profit: $N/A

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Reviewer, Tim Brandt, says...

Review: This flim proves that Joan can play high comedy. I'm always reading that she couldn't. Perhaps it took the talent of a director like George cukor to bring out her talent. This is truly a "A" picture. The cast alone - Freddie March, Rose Hobart, Nigel Bruce, and a young gorgeous Rita Hayworth. Marjorie Main has one of the funniest lines in it however. As she and her husband are pulling dustcovers in a gloomy entrance she, as only she can utters the immortal line,"Look at this hallway, I'd frighten Dracula!

I only wish Adrian hadn't gone so far overboard with her costumes. This film is occasionally shown on television. So, be sure to watch for it. It's truly a treat!

Three stars!


Reviewer: glrsilvest

Stars: 4 Stars

Review: This was the first Joan movie I ever saw. It was back in 1990. I was 12 and TNT still showed classic films(with commercials). Anyhow, I was completely in awe of Joan (especially in that white suit). She gives knock-out performance and is delightful. I would recommended this film to any Joan fan or classic movie goer.