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"Oh God, if there is an afterlife and I am to be punished for my sins, this is one of the picture's they'll make me see over and over again." ~ Joan Crawford on "Reunion in France."


"Reunion in France" 1942

Cast: Joan Crawford~John Wayne~Phillip Dorn~Reginald Owen~Albert Bassermann~John Carradine~Ann Ayars~J. Edward Bromberg~Moroni Olsen~Howard Da Silva~Henry Daniell.

Director: Jules Dassin

Costumes by Irene

Box Office Figures for "Reunion in France":

Cost: $N/A ~ Domestic Studio Gross: $ N/A. ~ Foreign Studio Gross: $ N/A
Total: $ N/A / Profit: $ N/A

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Reviewer: babyc22_5

Stars: ****

Review: I think "Reunion in France" was a great Crawford movie, but I liked all her movies really. When I first was this movie, I was sitting on my sofa and I thought I don't like the look of this movie, how wrong could I have been to have not liked it, as the story moved on I could understand it a lot better. Joan as Michelle and John Wayne as Pat. They both played thier characters really well.