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"Proud Flesh" (1925)

Cast: Eleanor Boardman~Pat O'Malley~Harrison Ford~Trixie Friganza~William J. Kelly~Rosita Marstini~Sojin~Evelyn Sherman~George Nichols~Margaret Seddon~Lillian Elliott~Priscilla Bonner~Joan Crawford/Bit Part(uncredited)

Release date - April 27, 1925

Running time - 7 reels

Director - King Vidor

Writing Credits - Harry Behn, Agnes Christine Johnston and Lawrence Irving Rising (novel)

Producer - Louis B. Mayer

Cinematographer - John Arnold

Studio - MGM - Black and White - Silent

Box Office Figures for "Proud Flesh": N/A

Movie Synopsis

Fernanda (Eleanor Boardman) is born during the 1906 San Francisco earthquake but she's raised by rich relatives in Spain. She's engaged to Don Jaime Diego (Harrison Ford) but threatens to leave him and go to America in the hope that he'll beg her to stay. When he doesn't, she must follow through with her threat.

Realizing that he is making a mistake, he follows her to America, but Fernanda (Eleanor Boardman) has now moved on. Now in love with a working class contractor, Pat O'Malley (Pat O'Malley) she's never been happier. When Diego finds Fernanda (Eleanor Boardman), O'Malley (Pat O'Malley) reluctantly allows her to leave with him. Sailing back to Spain, miserable, she eventually realizes she must go back to her true love, Pat (Pat O'Malley). She does just that only this time Diego (Harrison Ford) lets her go without following her. Pat (Pat O'Malley) and Fernanda (Eleanor Boardman) live happily ever after and Diego (Harrison Ford) seeks out a new love from his long list of available women.

Interesting Trivia

Joan plays an extra in this film, however she is uncredited.

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