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Joan Crawford Contributors


Over the past three years, the Legendary Joan Crawford Website has been introduced to some amazing people - people that love Joan Crawford! Many of the people that have been introduced to this site have taken part in improving this website. Fans have written reviews, donated photos, offered creative advice and have even noticed errors and typos and kindly have pointed them out. Also, the Legendary Joan Crawford Website has a large devoted following of people that are members of the private chat group. We all have that "Joan" connection and have become a "family" in way. Below are profiles of all the people that have contributed in one way or another and I want to thank them. Thank you all for being a part of this special website and fueling my passion for Joan Crawford. I look forward to many years of fun, laughter, chat and friendship with all of you. All hail Joan Crawford!!

Neil Maciejewski


Neil Maciejewski is the designer and Webmaster of the Legendary Joan Crawford Website, which was launched on December 28th 2004. He works in advertising, and lives in San Francisco with his partner, Paul, and their four-year- old son, Zachary. Neil has a Joan Crawford book, which will be published in 2008, which he co-wrote with author Michelle Vogel and Casey LaLonde. Neil is also involved in several Joan Crawford projects that will be released in early 2008.

Favorite Joan Crawford Films: My favorite ten are: A Woman's Face, Mildred Pierce, Letty Lynton, Rain, Strange Cargo, Grand Hotel, Susan and God, The Bride Wore Red, Sudden Fear and Possessed (1931).

Neil has been a member of the Legendary Joan Crawford Yahoo group since June 6, 2005. Neil is also he group moderator.

My Blog

(Photo: Neil and his son Zachary)

Casey LaLonde


Casey LaLonde is Joan Crawford's grandson; he is the child of Cathy (Crawford) LaLonde and Jerome LaLonde. Casey has been associated with the Legendary Joan Crawford Website since March 2006. His "Ask Casey" page was born where he receives letters from fans and responds to them through the website. The "Ask Casey" page has been a huge success with over 300 letters (and counting) published to this website! Casey lives in Philadelphia with his wife Heather. Casey diligently continues to restore and uphold his grandmother's reputation and is working on book with the Webmaster Neil Maciejewski and author Michelle Vogel

Favorite Joan Crawford Films: "A Woman's Face" and "Rain."

Casey has been a member of the Legendary Joan Crawford Yahoo group since July 6, 2005.

Donna Nowak


Donna Nowak loves and adores Joan Crawford and grew up watching Joan Crawford films on television. She is a freelance writer and cartoonist, adores Golden Age mysteries and movies, and lives in New York City. Donna's "special" Joan film is "They All Kissed the Bride," although her top favorite Joan film is probably "Mildred Pierce." She has a website devoted to Joan (who else?)

Favorite Joan Crawford Films (so hard to choose): Mildred Pierce; A Woman's Face; Humoresque; Letty Lynton; The Bride Wore Red; Flamingo Road; The Damned Don't Cry. Torch Song, Strait-Jacket and Female on the Beach are not-so-guilty favorites, too! All Joan films are my favorites if I want it that way.

Donna has been an active member of the Legendary Joan Crawford Yahoo group since June 6, 2005.

The Films of Joan Crawford

Peter Joseph Swanson


Peter Joseph Swanson is a novelist and artist who is often inspired by Joan Crawford because he feels she is one of the important American icons of the 20th century. She not only was the face of Hollywood from the Silent Days to the 60s, but she also became the first business woman superstar by putting Pepsi on the map.

Favorite Joan Crawford Films: Peter does not think that any one film pins Joan down. She was always evolving, and was a far greater actress than most of her scripts called for. That said, FEMALE ON THE BEACH was delicious hokum that is usually near the top of Peter's list of favorite Joan pleasures.

Peter has been an active member of the Legendary Joan Crawford Yahoo group since November 8, 2005.

Peter's Blog

Robert Bertrand


As with so many people, Robert was introduced to classic film as a child when he watched 'The Wizard of Oz' on television. That one magic film sparked a passion for Golden Age motion pictures that thrives strongly with him still.

Robert's introduction to Joan came years later, ironically, with the film "Mommie Dearest." The scandalous tale prompted him to seek the other side of Joan's story and resulted with a great fondness of the star. The first Joan film Robert saw was "Mildred Pierce," and while it remains one of his most loved, Joan's films from the 1930s are his absolute favorites. "Sadie McKee," "Chained," "Possessed" and "Dancing Lady" are among his top choices.

Robert lives in Louisville, Kentucky and works for a Public Relations and Advertising agency.

Robert has been an active member of the Legendary Joan Crawford Yahoo group since September 8, 2005.

Kyle Michael


Kyle Michael is from Orange County, California and has been a Joan fan since his early teens. Kyle has collected every single sound film Joan has made (including the TV films) and many TV shows and many silent films of Joan's. Kyle has also collected a large amount of Joan memorabilia. One of his favorite items in his collection is a Vintage Bisque Kewpie Figurine owned by Joan (that was produced sometime between 1904 and 1919). Joan donated this item to a museum, owned by Frank and Eleanor Wright. Kyle would like to add:

"Neil's website is THE BEST one out there on Joan Crawford! He has worked tirelessly on transitioning Joan's image from merely 'Mommie Dearest' to the rightful and true image of the real Joan Crawford: the beautiful, talented, great superstar she was to countless fans. And a humanitarian to so many causes. What other website has Joan's own grandson (Casey LaLonde) taking over where Joan left off: writing letters to Joan's fans with all kinds of informative news concerning Joan herself. A more creative and insightful Joan Crawford website you will not find anywhere else online. NEIL, YOU ROCK!"

Favorite Joan Crawford Films - His favorite Joan films are ALL of them, but if narrowed down to the Top 5, would be: Strange Cargo,Johnny Guitar, Baby Jane, Mildred Pierce and Humoresque. That wasn't easy!

Clint Lyle


Clint has been an "old movie" fan since the mid-60's when he was first exposed to classic Hollywood movies on TV. It was then that he first saw and admired the beautiful and talented Joan Crawford. Later, in the 1970's and 1980's, Clint saw more of Joan's movies when he lived in San Francisco, at the wonderful movie theaters which specialized in showing films of classic Hollywood (The Richelieu, The Gateway, The Castro). The more of Joan's movies he saw, the more he enjoyed her work and appreciated her talent as a film actress. Clint lives with his partner of ten years, Bill, and their beautiful Himalayan cat, Thomas.

Clint's favorite Crawford film is THE DAMNED DON'T CRY (but there are about 15 others that run a close second).

Clint has been an active member of the Legendary Joan Crawford Yahoo group since August 12, 2005.

Sam DeLong


Sam DeLong has been a Joan Crawford fan since seeing "Humoresque" in 1946 at his aunt's suggestion because of his study of classical music at that time. He was riveted by her performance and she became his favorite actor. He is now retired and lives in suburban New York City and is enjoying the luxury of the freedom to watch all of Joan's pictures that are available.

His favorite Crawford souvenir is a copy of "The Films Of Joan Crawford" autographed to him by Joan Crawford.

Favorite Joan Crawford Films: "The Damned Don't Cry" because of the range of situations that Joan encounters. "Mildred Pierce" also of course is right up near the top along with "Grand Hotel" but there are so many that he likes that he seems to be rewriting her filmography when he lists them.

Sam has been a member of the Legendary Joan Crawford Yahoo group since November 9, 2005.

Suellen Aucejo


Suellen Aucejo is a pencil artist who was introduced to Joan Crawford through her pictures by George Hurrell. Photography also being one of her hobbies, she fell in love with Joan's charisma, strength, presence and gorgeous figure. Later on, she was introduced to Joan Crawford, the actress and star, and is still under her spell.

Suellen was born in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil from a French father and a Brazilian mother. Her childhood and adolescence was spent in both her parent's native countries. She made language studies and speaks fluently French, Portuguese and English and has notions in other languages as well.

She lives in French Guyana with her husband and step-daughter. She now works as a translator and in the direction of a Publicity company.

Suellen's first Joan movie was "Chained" with Clark Gable.

Suellen's favorite Joan films: Chained, Grand Hotel, What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? and Mildred Pierce.

Suellen has been a member of the Legendary Joan Crawford Yahoo group since July 11, 2007.

Suellen's Joan Crawford Pencil Drawing

Alan Cofer


Alan Cofer hails from Tennessee and works in public relations --although his dream is to one day author a great novel. He enjoys travel and classic films.

A Joan fan since the early 1980's, he has collected many rare films and books on the legendary star and enjoys doing his part in helping restore the public image of the Oscar winning actress that was so unfairly tarnished by her adopted daughter Christina in 1978.

His favorite Joan films: A Womans Face, The Bride Wore Red, Letty Lynton, Mildred Peirce, Rain & of course, Whatever Happened To Baby Jane."

Alan has been a member of the Legendary Joan Crawford Yahoo group since October 11, 2007.

Mark Toscani & Tony Sparacino


Mark Toscani is a native Philadelphian who discovered Joan Crawford at the age of 8 in "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?" (1962). He wondered to himself, "Who is that beautifully cheek-boned wonder in the wheelchair?" His search continues to this day.

His late partner, Tony Sparacino, was a Philadelphia clothing designer and they ran two mens stores in town. Tony became a huge fan (one of the reasons Mark fell madly in love with him). He was Mark's Al Steele. As Mark once said, "I sold Mark Toscani for so long all I had to do was sell Sparacino's clothes."

Mark has re-invented himself once again as a film editor for a web agency and is involved in countless fundraisers in Tony's name. He is convinced Tony is designing new gowns for Joan this very minute. Move over, Adrian!

Our favorite Joan films are "Grand Hotel", "Letty Lynton", "The Women", "A Woman's Face", "Humoresque", "Possessed" (1947), "Harriet Craig", "Sudden Fear", and "'Baby Jane".

Mark has been an active member of the Legendary Joan Crawford Yahoo group since April 10, 2006.

(Photo: Mark (left) and Tony (right) embrace.

Kellye Walker Baptiste


Kellye Baptiste (nee Walker) was born in Buffalo, New York in 1966. She and her family moved to Toronto, Canada in 1978. She has been working as a paralegal with a specialty in Corporate and Commercial Law for 20 years. At the age of 40, Kellye married and had her first child. The baby in the picture is named Sannai Katherine, born in March of 2007. At 8 months, Sannai has already sat through (and watched!!!) "Mildred Pierce", "Dancing Lady" and "Autumn Leaves".

Of her introduction to Joan Crawford, Kellye writes: "My initial introduction to Joan Crawford took place in the mid-eighties. I saw a television version of "Mommie Dearest." I became fascinated with the main character, and thereafter spent many a Saturday morning at the local libraries reading and signing out books about Joan. I devoured each word and gasped at photo after photo. I learned that "Mommie Dearest," if true, only contained a smidgen of information on this interesting, fire-ball of a gal. She always worked hard and did her very best in everything. I couldn't help but admire that in a woman who lived in a time when a strong woman wasn't really required, respected, or wanted.

Joan was an Aries (The First Sign of Fire) to the core. She demonstrated fierce creativity, constant passion, and she always moved forward in her live from point A to point B without distraction. She truly represented the fire, heat, intensity and light of fire.

I feel at home at Neil's Place, and am happy to be included in a group of TRUE fellow Crawford Fans. You Crawford fans know your stuff. Our discussions are a perfect blend of Crawford Knowledge, and Crawford Admiration."

In Kellye's spare time, she enjoys watching the baby develop, cross-stitching, embroidery, pedicures, and watching Court TV and NFL Football (GO BILLS!!). She has been studying the Science of Astrology since 1978, and is obsessed with World maps and YouTube movies of roller coasters.

Kellye's favorite Joan Crawford Films: A Woman's Face, Grand Hotel, Mildred Pierce, The Women, Harriet Craig, The Damned Don't Cry and Autumn Leaves

Kellye has been an active member of the Legendary Joan Crawford Yahoo group since April 16, 2007.

Carolyn Geary


Carolyn Geary was born and raised in Glendale CA (remember Mildred Pierce). She moved to Eureka, CA when she retired in 2002. She has been a devoted fan of Joan Crawford as far back as she can remember.

She's not sure which movie was her first Joan Crawford film - either "Above Suspicion" or "Mildred Pierce." Carolyn is an avid classic movie lover and has an extensive collection of films. Now that she is retired she can indulge in her favorite pass time, watching classic movies.

Favorite Joan Crawford Films: That's so difficult, she loves them all. But some of her top choices are Chained, Sadie McKee, Rain, A Woman's Face, Mildred Pierce, Possessed (1947), Harriet Craig, Sudden Fear and Autumn Leaves. Guilty pleasure is Female On The Beach. Such wonderful quotable lines!

Carolyn has been a member of the Legendary Joan Crawford Yahoo group since July 31, 2006.

Carolyn's Webpage

Darwin Bell


Darwin Bell is an artist/photographer living in San Francisco who has been (obsessed with) interested in Joan Crawford since reading "Mommie Dearest" in the 7th Grade and deciding that a) the woman was fascinating and b) there had to be another side to the story. Since then, he has seen all of her movies (save for "The Ice Follies of 1939") and voraciously read every book available to fill in the blanks left by "that book" until she finally just became part of the fabric of who he is. And he has successfully turned at least dozens of previously indifferent viewers into rabid fans!

His favorite Joan movies are (and this was difficult to cut it to 5..er..7) Queen Bee, Female on the Beach, Possessed (both, why not!), Torch Song, Daisy Kenyon and Johnny Guitar.

Darwin has been a member of the Legendary Joan Crawford Yahoo group since July 15, 2005.


David Cerda


Although enamored with Joan Crawford since childhood, David Cerda realized the brilliance that is Joan Crawford as an adult. Cerda is a Chicago based playwright and performer. He is the co-founder and Artistic Director of Hell in a Handbag Productions, Chicago's leading parody/camp/pop culture theater company and the author of various critically (and not so critically) acclaimed pieces like Joan Crawford Goes to Hell, SCARRIE-The Musical, Poseidon! An Upside Down Musical, How Whatever Happened to Baby Jane Happened, Caged Dames, The Birds, Debbie Harry Saved My Life, and Rudolph the Red-Hosed Reindeer. Cerda is also the founder and member of The Joans, the first rock and roll designed from the Joan Crawford point of view. The Joans are a loving nod/homage to Ms. Crawford.

David loves most things Joan but particularly embraces her work from the 1950's and beyond.

Favorite Joan films include Torch Song, Berserk!, Mildred Pierce, Humoresque, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane and Eyes from Night Gallery. David chooses to embrace and celebrate the camp elements of Ms. Crawford's career *(and most things in general!) rather then hiding them under the rug.

David has been a member of the Legendary Joan Crawford Yahoo group since January 2, 2008.

Hell in a Handbag Productions

Patrick Lentz


Patrick Lentz has been a Joan Crawford fan for over 20 years! His love for old movie stars and Hurrell photography fueled his passion for wanting to become a professional photographer. Patrick is a professional photographer in Boston Massachusetts. Patrick's favorite Joan Crawford movie is "Grand Hotel" - it combines his love for Crawford and Garbo in one picture! Patrick was one of my inspirations in creating this website.

Favorite Joan Crawford Films: "Grand Hotel" & "Mildred Pierce."

Patrick has been a member of the Legendary Joan Crawford Yahoo group since June 6, 2005.

Patick Lentz Photography & Design

Michelle Vogel


Michelle Vogel is a film historian, freelance writer and author of seven books, six of which are dedicated to the stars of classic Hollywood. Her favorite actress is Joan Crawford.

After years of research Michelle pieced together fifty years of Joan Crawford correspondence, amazing letters and cards written to fans, friends and her peers. With the permission of Joan's daughter, Cathy, Michelle was thrilled to be able to publish them all in chronological order and "Joan Crawford: Her Life In Letters" was published in 2005.

Michelle is currently working on another exciting Joan Crawford project with Neil Maciejewski and Casey Lalonde. She is also a regular contributor and silent film columnist for ICONS magazine.

Michelle lives in New York with her husband, son (Ryan pictured) and two step sons.

Fave Joan movies: Susan and God, Whatever Happened To Baby Jane, Harriet Craig, Queen Bee, Humoresque, Above Suspicion and Mildred Pierce.

Michelle has been a member of the Legendary Joan Crawford Yahoo group since June 6, 2005.

Michelle Vogel

Timothy Hughes


Timothy Hughes was born in the year Joan Crawford entered immortality and is still not dead. He lives, with applause and solitude, in the gayest village of the United Kingdom. It's not Soho, it's in the south east county of Kent.

The first JC movie he saw was "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?". A night spent at his Grandmother's saw him witness "Mildred Pierce" for the first time and his life has never been the same again. With Joan's example of glamour and determination he has learned to pull himself up from his jockstrap and face each day as it comes (although often through a haze of vodka/pepsi and cigarette smoke).

His favourite Joan Crawford film is, of course, Mildred Pierce due to the sentimental attachment but his secret favourites are "Possessed" and "Sudden Fear".

When he is nervous and trapped and panicky he simply reminds himself of the mantra "What would Joan Crawford" do and bitch slaps the nearest co-worker.

Tim has been a member of the Legendary Joan Crawford Yahoo group since June 7, 2008.

Gary Sweeney


Gary started The Midnight Palace in 2006 as a way of connecting with other Classic Hollywood fans from around the world. The site is meant to feel like a virtual time machine, with "Midnight" perpetuating the one moment that joins yesterday and today. In addition to film reviews, book reviews, articles, an online movie theater and old time radio shows, he has been fortunate enough to interview many great people (including Legendary Joan Crawford webmaster Neil Maciejewski, Michelle Vogel and Joan's grandson Casey LaLonde).

In 2007, Gary launched his sister site LeilaHyams.com, the only website on the internet dedicated to the green-eyed actress of the 20s and 30s. Additionally, he is currently working on the first-ever biography of Leila, with gracious participation from her family.

Favorite Joan Crawford films: Mildred Pierce, Autumn Leaves, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, Sudden Fear, Humoresque.

Leila Hyams

The Midnight Palace



Candy is a bohemian... a dreamer. She loves strange and bizarre people. She is obsessed with the Golden Age of Hollywood, and loves steaming hot tea. She is most inspired when it's stormy and grey, that's when she paints, makes soap or jewelery. Candy collects vintage dolls, her favorite are troubled tattered dolls.

Joan Crawford is a huge insperation for Candy, and is one of her hero's and favorite people. She became obsessed with Joan Crawford after she saw "Rain," and though it's impossible to pick a favorite Joan film, Rain would be one of them.

Candy has been a member of the Legendary Joan Crawford Yahoo group since March 10, 2006.

Erika Santy


Being a Classic Film Fan since High School her first REAL introduction to Joan Crawford was in the film Grand Hotel. After seeing that film it was hard to believe that the actress in that film was the same lady from the "movie" "Mommie Dearest"

Admiring Joan's sense of Self & Style that she showed in her acting roles & interviews really became something that I began to admire & respect about her.

Being a fan also of the director W.S. Van Dyke my favorite Joan films really are Forsaking All Others & Love on the Run.

Other favorite Joan Films include: Rain, Mildred Pierce (of Course) , A Women's Face, Susan & God, Torch Song & Joan's TV Performance on Night Gallery in 1969.

Erika has been a member of the Legendary Joan Crawford Yahoo group since September 14, 2005.

(Picture Attached: A Photo of Erika & her 3-year-old nephew affectionately known as, Quasi).

Andre Soares


It's not Crawford's glamour that Andre finds alluring, but her honesty as a performer. Joan Crawford was one of the very best actresses of her generation. Most people don't realize how natural she could be underneath all that makeup and those over-the-top gowns.

Andre owns and operates the Alternative Film Guide which is filled with everything and anything you would want to know about film and the many stars that have graced the screen

Andre has been a member of the Legendary Joan Crawford Yahoo group since July 25, 2005.

Alternative Film Guide

Sherry Fieber-Beyer


Sherry lives in North Dakota with her son Lestat. Sherry conducts research work for NASA through a research grant studying asteroids and meteorites and attends UND where she is working on her PhD. Sherry also enjoys scrapbooking, live concerts, anything space related and of course collecting Joan Crawford memorabilia/personally owned items. Like many of the younger generation, Sherry first became aware of Joan through the film Mommie Dearest, after Sherry read the book she came to the conclusion that Christina was an accomplished liar and maximizer. From there, Sherry became hooked on getting to know who Joan really was.

Favorite Joan Crawford Film(s): "Mildred Pierce"(but is working on seeing the rest)

Sherry has been a member of the Legendary Joan Crawford Yahoo group since December 1, 2008.

Ena Montelongo


Ena was born in Los Angeles and has lived in LA all her life! There is nothing like sunny LA! She is a photography student. her influences are Horst P. Horst and Steichen. In her spare time she paints or reads and watches old movies (Joan Crawford).

Ens first discoverd Joan or Joany as she likes to call her (smiles) when she was 15 and now she's 25, she came across a book that had a picture of Joany in early 1932.. she fell in love with the image she saw, her eyes were something out of this world! And the rest as they say is history!! And since then she's read and watched all her films and collected anythting about her.What's not to love about her? She came from nothing and became one of the biggest and most influencial stars there has ever been. She was not perfect but she always tried her best and fought for what she believed in. Not only was she gorgeous beyond words and intelligent to top it off but also one SPECTACULAR actress! Ena is truly in love with Joany, she admires and appreciates her and the work she has left behind.

Favorite Joan Crawford Film(s): The Women, Humoresque, Torch Song, Mildred Pierce & Grand Hotel.

Ena has been a member of the Legendary Joan Crawford Yahoo group since February 1, 2008

Benoit Prevot


Benoit Prevot lives in Paris. Joan Crawford is one of Benoit's biggest influences - at the young age of 7 years old he was fascinated by Crawford when he saw her in a French magazine. Joan's extraordinary face has haunted him since.

Abbie Twiss


Abbie lives in Auckland, New Zealand and is a profoundly deaf self-employed artist. Abbie became hooked on Joan Crawford after she first watched "Mommie Dearest" when she was seven years old. She wasn't sure if Faye Dunaway really was Joan, and learned the difference between fact and fiction and was fascinated. Abbie has painted two paintings of Joan ten years ago that are now undergoing restoration. In college, Abbie got an A+ from her English teacher about writing an essay on Joan Crawford and Bette Davis's feud. Abbie had intensely read Shaun Considine's Bette & Joan "The Divine Feud" which prompted her to write the essay - she knew the story by heart at age fifteen!

Joan is very magnificent in her movies and will still live in them forever. Abbie's favorite Joan films are: "Rain," "Humoresque," "Grand Hotel," "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?," "Mannequin" and "Sudden Fear."

Robbie Paton


Robbie is 23 years old and lives in England. He is an Anita Page fan, collector and archivist. He enjoys silent film and pre-codes the most and anything from Hollywood's Golden Era.

Joan Crawford is among one of his favourite stars, and mostly enjoys the "Our Dancing Daughters" trilogy.

One wish would have been to see the now legendary "Great Day" with his two favorite stars Anita and Joan.

Anita Page MySpace Page

The Anita Page

Terry Richard


Terry lives in a small city in eastern Canada and has been a huge fan of Joan Crawford since seeing "Mommie Dearest". Terry knew that if Hollywood made a film about someone they had to be an exceptional human being, and Terry also knew there was much more to the story on this fabulous actress. Terry has nearly all her films on video and DVD, with his five favorites being "Mildred Pieres", "Sudden Fear", "Baby Jane", "Queen Bee", and "Female on the Beach". Terry also have a "listmania" list on Amazon where he goes into a little detail on the top 40 films of Miss Crawford's. Besides Joan, Terry's idol is Dolly Parton- how's that for diversity?!

Rick Cornett


Rick Cornett first became interested in the career of Joan Crawford in 1978 with the release of the book, "Mommie Dearest." The 1981 film of the same title sparked his interest even more.

He resides in Toledo, Ohio and is a professional floral designer. He also enjoys photography, free lance writing, old movies and classic country music.

Rick is most intrigued with the power Joan Crawford holds over her legion of gay fans. Many of whom we're not even born yet at the time of her death thirty years ago. Today's silver screen queens could only hope to have as loyal fan base as Joan still has today.

Rick's favorite Joan Crawford films are from the 1940's and include Possessed, Above Suspicion and the academy award winning Mildred Pierce.

Rick is a long time fan of the, "Queen Of Country Music," Miss Loretta Lynn. He has amassed one of the largest collections on her in the world and has seen his idol in concert over 300 times. Today Rick is a personal friend of Loretta's and is in the process of developing a fan web site on her.

If you are a fan of Joan Crawford and would like to join this - page email me!

Joan Crawford Links

One of the great things about having a website is that you can share, learn and grow with others that have a simialr website as yours! Below are a variety of Joan Crawford Websites and other great related Joan sites that have a Joan Crawford connection. Enjoy!

The Films of Joan Crawford


The Films of Joan Crawford is my favorite Joan Crawford Website (other than my own)! Webmaster and friend Donna Nowak launched this site on August 23, 2006 and it's going strong! The site is filled with wonderfully written movie, film and script reviews and is a treasure trove of beautiful Joan photos! The site is updated weekly, click the link below or image to the left to explore this wonderful website!

The Films of Joan Crawford

The Joan Crawford Fan Club


Samuel Greenhill runs the Joan Crawford Fan Club site from the UK. Sam is also the president of The Joan Crawford Fan Club and a friend of mine. The fan club has just been kicked off in November of 2007 and we are expecting an amazing turnout for memberships. An American branch of this fan club will be launched soon! Stay tuned. To visit Sam's Joan Crawford Fan Club site, click the link below or the image to the left.

The Joan Crawford Fan Club

Lynn's Tribute to Joan Crawford


Lynn Dougherty has maintained a beautifully designed website since April of 1999!! Lynn's website is filled content, fabulous photos and the best Joan Crawford Wallpapers on the web. The site is not updated often, last update was over a year ago, but it's one of the best tributes to Joan on the Web! Click the link below or the image to the left to view the site.

Lynn's Tribute to Joan Crawford

Peter Joseph Swanson Joan Crawford Cartoons


Peter Joseph Swanson has a few sites that feature Joan in all her glory! Peter is a talented artist and the Joan fans are thankful that he directs his talents towards Joan. To view his sites, click on the links below.

Peter's Joan Comics

Peter's Joan Art

Joan Crawford Heaven


The longest running Joan Crawford Website on the Web - established on March 1998. Joan Crawford Heaven is just that! The site is filled with some great content and photos but the last update to the site was on September 24, 2006 (over a year ago). Although it's not updated frequently, it's still on of the best places to read and discover Joan!

Joan Crawford Heaven

The Concluding Chapter on Crawford


Bryan Johnson has beautifully designed The Concluding Chapter of Crawford's life. The website focuses on Joan's life from 1960-1977. The site has been around for almost six years now - launched on Joan's birthday March 23 in 2002. This site is the original site to launch a website on Joan's birthday! Nicely done!

The Concluding Chapter of Crawford

The Best of Everything


The Best of Everything Website is one of the best Websites on Joan Crawford. This in-depth site features a unique A to Z encyclopedia on Joan Crawford and endless hours of information on the star! The former webmaster of the defunct Joan Crawford Online site passed the torch to this site almost four years ago.

The Best of Everything

The Joans Rock Band


David Cerda does it again! His talent and originality shine with the birth of the rock group "The Joans!" The Joans mostly play in Chicago so if you are ever in the area make sure you see their performance! Everyone is hoping they branch out to San Francisco, New York, London, and Paris!! Click the link below to visit The Joans website!

The Joans

Club Crawford


A short but sweet site dedicated to Joan Crawford. A very touching section called "hero" describes how Joan Crawford is a hero for a young boy. Worth a visit!

Club Crawford

Joan Crawford: Her Life and Career


Roland Hui has a wonderful Joan Crawford website that is clean and simple. I love the films page where you can sit in a simulated theatre and watch photos of each of Joan's films go by. Very cool!

Joan Crawford: Her Life and Career

Joan Crawford: The Quintessential Star


This website is gaudy as all hell but I still enjoy it! The site was launched in December of 2001. It's unsure if it's still being updated, many of the links are not operating. Still a fun whirl!

Joan Crawford: The Quintessential Star

Queens of Camp: Joan Crawford


If you love the campy side of Joan this is the site for you. Tons of camp to tramp through and enjoy!

Queens of Camp

Divas: Joan Crawford


The Divas website is probably one of my all-time favorite websites on the Web. It features a treasure trove of Divas from all eras and Joan is one of the top featured divas! The site is updated monthly and was launched on October 1st 1999. Joan is currently the number one Ultimate diva on the website and the number two acting diva!! Great site to spend endless hours at!

The Divas

Midnight Palace


Gary Sweeney's amazing film site is loaded with the best information on stars and films from the past. It's one of my all-time favorite websites! Click the link below for endless hours of knowledge!

The Midnight Palace

Golden Age of Films: Joan Crawford


A small site dedicated to Joan. I love the small, sweet sites that are simple and to the point. Check it out!

Golden Age of Films

Joan Crawford "DAN O RAMA" Videos


FUN! I love the video remixes of Joan. Every Joan fan MUST visit this fun site! Awesome!


Silent Ladies: Joan Crawford


A wonderful little site that features many wonderful photos of Joan Crawford.

Silent Ladies: Joan Crawford

Dorothy Sebastian


The only website solely on Dorothy Sebastian on the Web! Rita has done an amazing job on her website, there are several photos of Crawford on her site as well. Worth a visit!

Dorothy Sebastian

Diva Report


The "Queen Bee" site for all of the most popular music divas all over the world! This site includes up-to-date news on the biggest divas in music today. Even Joan gets a shout out on the affiliates page! You will spend hours on this site, so plan it into your day!

Diva Report

The Judy Room


THE biggest and best Website on Judy Garland! This site is filled with everything and anything you could imagine on one of the biggest stars ever - Judy Garland. My friend and fellow San Franciscan, Scott, really has outdone himself on this classy-cool site!

The Judy Room

The Anita Page


All the way from England comes The Anita Page! Webmaster Robbie celebrates his love for Anita Page on a very cute and classy Website all about Anita! Check out his wonderful site at the link below and help celebrate Anita's birthday coming soon! She will be 98 years old!

The Anita Page

Garbo Forever


The most in-depth website on one of the most love screen stars, Greta Garbo. Webmaster, John, has created a very informative site filled with photos, film info, trivia and numerous other fun features that any Garbo fan would go crazy for. Check out the Garbo Forever Website below!

Garbo Forever

Bette Davis Online


A newly developed Website on screen legend Bette Davis. Website designer, Jenn, has just launched this impressive looking Bette Davis Website that will soon be a rival to all other Bette sites on the Web. Make sure you follow the growth of his website to see Bette at her best!

Bette Davis Online

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