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"I was still Lucille LeSueur in "Pretty Ladies" and I don't think I was noticed by anyone."
- Joan Crawford on "Pretty Ladies."

"Pretty Ladies" (1925)

Cast: ZaSu Pitts, Tom Moore, Ann Pennington, Lilyan Tashman, Bernard Randall, Helen D' Algy, Conrad Nagel, Norma Shearer, Geroge K. Arthur, Lucille LeSueur, Paul Ellis, Roy D'Arcy, Gwen Lee, Dorothy Seastrom, Lew Harvey, Chad Huber, Walter Shumway, Dan Crimmins, Jimmy Quinn.

Release date - July 15, 1925 (premiere), September 6, 1925 (Nationwide, U.S.A.)

Running time - 74 minutes (6 reels)

Director - Monta Bell

Writing Credits - Based on the short story "Pretty Ladies" by Adela Rogers St. Johns in Cosmopolitan Magazine; Alice D. G. Miller (Adaptation)

Producer - Unknown

Cinematographer - Ira H. Morgan

Studio - MGM - Black and White - Silent

Box Office Figures for "Pretty Ladies": N/A

Movie Synopsis

Maggie (Zasu Pitts) is a dancer and comedienne who longs for the type of romantic liaisons that her prettier co-workers enjoy. She eventually finds love with Al Cassidy (Tom Moore) but he finds love with someone else, leaving Maggie (Zasu Pitts) broken hearted. When Al (Tom Moore) comes crawling back to beg Maggie (Zasu Pitts) for forgiveness, she takes him back.

Interesting Trivia

Joan was credited with her real name, "Lucille Le Sueur." Joan only appeared in a couple of scenes as an extra. Another soon to be star, Myrna Loy, also appeared as an extra in this film, however she was credited as Myrna Williams.





The New York Times (1925) had this to say, "Here is one of those backstage photoplays, with a very commonplace story, and yet it has been made a thoroughly worthwhile film."

Variety (1925) said, "An expensive film devoted primarily to plugging the Follies, for it mentions that show by name several times...the fault with the film is that either (director) Bell or the producers have tried to mix the spectacle of New York's theatrical world with an absorbing human interest story."

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