Legendary Joan Crawford

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Letters from 1960

A letter to fan, Lilian, from Uruguay dated March 22, 1960.


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A letter to fan, Lilian, from Uruguay dated June 28, 1960.


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A letter from fan, Lilian from Uruguay dated October 12, 1960.


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Letters from 1961

A letter to fan, Lilian, from Uruguay dated April 21, 1961.


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Letters from 1962

A letter to a friend, Frances, talking about two movies; "The Caretakers" and "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?" dated July 10, 1962.


Letters from 1963

A letter to a journalist, Paul Denis from "TV & Movie Screen," reprimanding him on not using "her" corrections dated September 25, 1963.


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Another letter to journalist, Paul Denis from "TV & Movie Screen," Joan is accepting an apology from him dated October 5, 1963.


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A two-part letter to a friend, Frances darling, talking about the movie "Strait-Jacket" dated October 26, 1963.


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