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""Dream of Love" was a mess - a bad script, no directon, no story worth mentioning." - Joan Crawford

"Dream of Love" 1928


Cast: Joan Crawford (as Adrienne), Nils Asther, Aileen Pringle, Warner Oland, Carmel Myers, Harry Renhardt, Harry Myers, Alphonse Martell, Fletcher Norton.

Release date - December 1, 1928

Running time 65 minutes (6 reels)

Directed by - Fred Niblo

Writing Credits - Marian Ainslee, Ruth Cummings, Dorothy Farnum and John Howard Lawson (titles), Ernest Legouve and Eugene Scribe (for the play, Adrienne Lecouvreur)

Producer - Unknown

Cinematographer(s) - William H. Daniels and Oliver T. Marsh

Costumes - Adrian

Studio - MGM - Black and White - Silent

Movie Synopsis

Joan plays, Adrienne, a gypsy girl, in the throws of an affair with a Prince (Nils Asther), in the meantime, the Prince (Nils Asher) is spreading himself around, entertaining the likes of the Duchess (Aileen Pringle) and the Countess (Carmel Myers).

Years later, when he sees Adrienne (Joan), now a famous actress, in a play based on their torrid affair, he realizes she is his one true love. The jilted Duchess (Aileen Pringle) and angry Duke (Warner Oland) order the Prince (Nils Asther) executed by a firing squad, however a group of revolutionaries save him in time and declare him King.


Interesting Trivia

In 1928, a fashion designer by the name of "Adrian" came to MGM and ruled over the fashion world of the silver screen. He designed clothes for Greta Garbo, Norma Shearer, and of course, Joan Crawford. During the thirteen years that Adrian reigned at MGM as their top designer, he dressed Joan in some of the most exquisite outfits that Hollywood had ever seen. Joan and Adrian were the first pairing of movie star and fashion designer. Adrian retired in 1941, opening a salon in Beverly Hills, however, when Joan won her 1945 Best Actress Oscar for Mildred Pierce, Adrian came out of retirement to design the outfits for her next film, Humoresque (1946).

Joan credited Adrian with her "look," both on and off the screen, saying, "Adrian had a profound effect both on my professional and personal life. He put the ruffles in the right places and showed me how to dress. The clothes he designed for MGM pictures had a very great impact, not only on the picture business but on the style of the whole country. In fact, I don't remember any 'fashions' before Adrian. My style had been bows - everwhere. Adrian toned me down, not in color but in line, and gave me a tailored look that was so distinctive. He decided to emphasize my broad, square shoulders, and this became an overnight sensation in the 1930s and dominated women's styles for more than ten years. Adrian, a true artist, always subdued for dramatic scenes. But for a lighter scene, he would create a 'big dress.'" [Lawrence J. Quirk: The Films of Joan Crawford, 1968].

Box Office Receipts: $571,000

Inflation Value in 2007: $6,901,620.23


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The New York Sun had this to say, "Miss Crawford was not directed as well as usual, and as a result was not at her best, but "Dream of Love" is probably not the right material for such a fresh and vital actress as she customarily is. Any coming American star is liable to wither in Graustark."

The New York Times said, "Joan Crawford is charming as the humble singer who wins stage laurels and subsequently admits her love for the prince."

Irene Thirer of the New York News said, "There are some really interesting things in "Dream of Love," too bad that bad editing and a set of ludicrous titles should send it down into the two-star class when it might easily have made a three-star rating if more care had been taken. Joan Crawford, Aileen Pringle and Carmel Myers, three beautiful ladies of the cinema, look their best in "Dream of Love," even if they don't quite have the histrionic chances that they should."

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