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Collecting Joan


Above: Joan designed this shirt which featured aspects of Joan and Doug's life. The name "Dodo," that Joan is pointing to on the shirt, was Joan's pet name for Douglas Fairbanks Jr. This shirt would be highly collectible and valuable today.

Collecting Joan is a page where I can showcase my personal Joan Crawford collectibles. I really enjoy collecting rare and unique Joan Crawford memorabilia and thought it would be fun to display it and talk about it. This page is not only to display my personal collection but for you, the fans, to also post and display some unique and interesting items. If you have a Joan Crawford collectible that you would like to share on this page, email me at the link below. Include a photo, some fun facts about how you obtained it and some history behind it.



Click on image to see it at full size.

Description: Joan Crawford once owned this comb and mirrored case. The comb measures 3 3/4" across and the engraving on the sterling silver portion of the comb reads " Lucille LeSueur March 23 1926." The comb section is made of tortoise shell. The comb lives in a purple velvet case and when opened there's a small beveled mirror on the inside. This comb was a very expensive item in its day. With the sterling silver, beveled mirror and the engraving showing the high quality of the item.

History: I was very excited when I purchased this comb this past year. It came from an English woman who purchased it in the 1940's in the USA and she resides in England. She had the comb for sometime and decided to sell it for a very reasonable price. What I find so interesting about this item is that Joan owned this before she was "Joan Crawford." Joan probably didn't hang onto this comb for long since her name changed. Also, depending on whom this comb came from. A lot of thought went into the gift so it could have come from a sweetheart she was dating. The comb is dated 1926 and at this time Joan was dating Michael Cudahy. It also could have come from Louis B. Mayer or William Haines who both had an admiration for Joan. We may never know the true origin of who gave young Lucille the comb but I do know that it has a happy home now and it is treasured.


Click on image to see it at full size.


Description: The Silver Screen Gold Medal measures approx. 3 1/2" around. Material is bronze. The front of the medal has an embossed bust of Joan Crawford -- a remarkable likeness to Joan circa 1932. On the back of the coin it states that Joan was voted the most popular star by readers in 1933.


History: This item was purchased off of eBay. The award was presented to Joan Crawford from actress Marie Dressler(see photo above.) The original owner of this medal purchased it at an auction in New York in the 1970's. One wonders how long Joan held onto this medal. It's a great Crawford collectible.


If you would like to leave a comment on any of the items, please do so below. I will post your comment on this page once it's received.

Email address:

Stay tuned for more of my personal collection to be added to this page and also more collectibles from other Joan Crawford fans. Click on images to see them at full size.


Description & HIstory: Joan Crawford's personally owned and worn opera coat. Full length black long sleeve black velvet coat featured a tie up at the collar and a gold sequin accented collar. Accompanied by a letter of provenance from the niece of former Crawford employee Marjorie Bisson, who received the coat from Crawford as a gift.

Owned by Michelle Vogel.



Description & History: A matched set of accessories. A trapezoidal clear plastic purse, about 11.5 x 7.5, with green sequin trim and silver finished chain handle, with a coin purse containing a lipstick, embroidered handkerchief, and Paris hotel key tag. And a pair of open-toe sling-back sandals with 2 inch heels, approximately size 6. These items are from a collector who purchased this set at Crawford's 1978 estate sale. Owned by Michelle Vogel.


Description & History: Joan Crawford's personally owned and worn coat. Off-white embroidered 3/4" sleeve mohair coat bears a Chelsoff Furs makers label inside collar. Crawford gave this coat to Hollywood set decorator and friend George Hopkins. Coat is accompanied by a 1981 letter of provenance from Hopkins stating he received the jacket directly from Crawford.

Owned by Michelle Vogel.



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