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"I didn't like the Singapore picture at all - both Ramon Navarro and I were terribly miscast."
~Joan Crawford on "Across to Sinigapore."

"Across to Singapore" 1928

Cast: Ramon Novarro, Joan Crawford (as Priscilla Crowninshield), Ernest Torrence, Frank Currier, Dan Wolheim, Duke Martin, Edward Connelly

Release date - April 30, 1928 (premiere), May 6, 1928 (Nationwide, U.S.A.)

Running time - 78 minutes (7 reels)

Directed by - William Nigh

Writing Credits - Joseph Farnham (titles), Richard Schayer, Ted Shane and Ben Ames Williams (novel - All the Brothers Were Valiant.)

Producer - William Nigh

Cinematographer - John F. Seitz

Costumes - David Cox

Studio - MGM - Black and White - Silent.


Movie Synopsis

A sea worthy adventure about two brothers, Joel Shore (Ramon Novarro) and Mark Shore (Ernest Torrence) who both love the same girl, Priscilla Crowninshield (Joan). After announcing their engagement without her permission, Mark sails for Singapore with his brothers and leaves behind a very angry, unconsenting fiancee in Priscilla (Joan). Priscilla's (Joan) dismay of the announcement sends Mark (Ernest Torrence) into a spiraling pit of drunkenness, ending in a fatal but albeit victorious battle with the mutineers. Mark (Ernest Torrence) dies in his brother Joel's (Ramon Novarro) arms, his only dying wish to promise to love and take care of his beloved Priscilla (Joan). The true lovers are then reunited.


Interesting Trivia

The working title of this film was, China Bound.

Based on the novel All The Brothers Were Valiant by Ben Ames Williams. Two other film adaptations of Ben Ames Williams' novel have been made, both entitled All the Brothers Were Valiant, a 1923 Metro production directed by Irvin V. Willat and starring Malcolm MacGregor, Billie Dove and Lon Chaney, and a 1953 production directed by Richard Thorpe and starring Robert Taylor, Stewart Granger and Ann Blyth.

During the filming, Douglas Fairbanks Jr. accompanied Joan on a location shot at Yosemite National Park. As he listened to her sing the Indian Love Call, he fell in love. That December, he proposed and she accepted. They were divorced after four years of marriage.

Box Office Receipts: $881,000.
Inflation Value in 2007: $10,648,559.42


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Film Daily, had this to say, "Ramon Novarro miscast as tough sea dog. Should have played him up on the Romeo stuff. Joan Crawford petite and always an alluring picture."

Photoplay, said, "Don't try to follow the intricacies of this plot, just keep in mind that the turmoil of villainy and the sea will not overcome either Ramon Novarro or Joan Crawford."

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